Thursday, October 21, 2010

Line Drying

I spent most of the summer mourning because I didn't have a clothesline. Go ahead and laugh. Get it out your system.
I picture myself hanging bright white sheets on beautiful sunny day with a nice gentle breeze. And every time I picture that I start singing, "mama makes whites bright like the sunshine..." It's one of those idyllic stay-at-home mom moments I try (unsuccessfully) to create.
I tried hanging a string when we started cloth diapering, but it only held diapers, nothing else. So I resigned myself to my dryer and a small fold up drying rack. Remember, I'm poor. Spending $50-100 on a clothesline simply doesn't make economic sense.
But I love line drying my clothes.
But when I hang up my laundry I have to take time to just put the clothes up. It's wonderful meditation time! Just me and the sunshine, working together.
So anyway, I FINALLY (now that summer is over! *eyeroll*) made a clothesline and it only cost me $3 for the actual line.

I took a 1x4 and nailed it to my deck post
Then I took another 1x4 and nailed it to a fence post 25 feet
away and strung the line through the holes I drilled in.
Ta da!

And if you have a swing set, this is how I dry my shirts :)

Do you line dry? What's your motivation for doing it?


  1. I line dry whenever I can, esp sheets. When I was home raising my kids I hung everything out, until it was too frigid. My family always laughed at me; as I folded the laundry I would smell each item...mmmmm. :)

  2. I think it is a great idea ... and whatever energy/money you are saving on the clothesline surely makes it a worthy investment. I don't have the option to line dry where I am, and honestly, I am glad : ) I have far too much to do ... usually I have mountains of laundry to do everyday, let alone the time to hang it out. I guess it is a job the kids could take care of ... but that would eliminate that wonderful picture you just described of me and the sun working together ... ahhhh sounds nice!

  3. My dad built the same thing for me in my basement this summer. I line dry everything in the house. It saves money and saves wear on the clothes, so it's win-win.

  4. So cool. Imagine how quickly clothes would dry here in AZ on my patio! OH WAIT...the hoa won't let me. *eyeroll*

    My mom used to line dry her laundry when we were kids. Of course she did...because she would make US go out in 100 degrees with 90% humidity, traipsing through mounds of fire ants to get the laundry up and down off the line. ;)

  5. I did not, because I couldn't figure out how to do it since we live in a townhouse. Like you, now that the summer is over, I have figured out how I could have done it. Oh well, there's always next year!

  6. I love it! I didn't do much of it this summer (the whole, it's humid and I'm pregnant thing), but before that I would take one load of laundry and hang the hangers on my ironing board sans cover. My ironing board was a grid of wires, so the hangers fit right through around the edges.

  7. I am laughing! I had to line dry when we were students and I hated how stiff everything turned out! I guess I'm spoiled. My husband loved it when we line-dried our clothes, that's how he was raised. I think he would still like it better if I did it that way but I don't want to. Your great Kristi!

  8. I am pretty impressed that you did that yourself! I'm not nearly that resourceful.

    Our house has an old Amish-style clothesline still up. It's a double metal line that has a thingy you turn so that after you hang up a couple items you rotate it and push those items further out on the line & hang the next bunch - Wow. My brain isn't really awake yet. Sorry I couldn't come up with a better description. Anyway, we can't use that because the metal is all rusted & it would cost more time & money to fix it then we want to spend.

    Anyway, when we line dry we use what I can an antennae-style clothesline.

    I think maybe you've inspired me to do a post on this very subject & I'll have to include pics so you can see what I'm actually talking about.

  9. This is awesome. I totally get it. My husband still laughs at me because I really wanted to buy a certain little house that was for sale...because it had a beautiful clothesline in the the backyard!