Monday, September 27, 2010

What's going on in our small house

We're busy, but not in a "we HAVE to get this done" kind of way. We've been playing football and frisbee (my 5 year old is getting good!), picking apples, making applesauce, making fruit leather, and then eating it!, sewing (I'm making a tote from old jeans-pics to come when I finish!) and reading a ton! Some days I dream of having a large house so I could have a massive library. And another bathroom. We are watching fall arrive and spend a good chunk of time looking at the changing leaves on the mountains. Time well spent.
The great "folding table in the kitchen experiment" is still going on. Mr SH wants to make it permanent and I want our table back in.
I found a home for all those crafty things, by the way (my sons kindergarten class!). Now to take them in! That would leave some under the bed space for canned food. It must be autumn because my husband is also getting in preparedness mode. He's making sure all the flashlights work & have batteries, updating 72 hr kits, fire drills, and wants to have another massive purge so we can fit more food storage in our home. Bring it!!

I love him, by the way. Last week he wanted to buy 5 acres and be a farmer. He totally wants a jersey cow for milk. This week he's acknowledging we should probably be able to make our 1/3 work for us first before going large scale. But still, it's nice to have a dream.
I dream of having massive food production in the backyard and growing most of my own food (except bananas. I'm not ready to give those up)
What do you dream of? Have you reached part of that dream?


  1. A good night's sleep! Maybe I'll start dreaming once the fog lifts :-P

  2. Also-- you might enjoy reading "The Man Watching", it's a biography of Anson Dorrance, coach of UNC women's soccer. He's in my ward, and his wife is the nicest little ballet teacher.

  3. If you aren't set on dead-tree books, a Kindle can do a pretty good job of downsizing your library without giving up access to lots of titles.

  4. Another bathroom. You are awesome for throwing that in there. :) It's still too hot here for me to get into that fallish mood...maybe by Halloween?

  5. Jesse-from an economic standpoint, a Kindle is definitely cheaper than a larger home. (Now if I could just get that roof fixed I could justify the money. Do any come with an extra bathroom. Really just a 2nd toilet would work ;)