Saturday, September 18, 2010

Radical Homemakers

This is my next book to read:
I'm often telling my husband I feel like the last homemaker in our city. It's not true, of course. And I hear more and more about moms & dads who are able to work less & spend more time at home and it gives me hope for families. This book gave me more hope as I read the first sentence on the homepage: “Imagine women with masters degrees and PhDs who choose home over career advancement."
Does anyone else ever feel like they don't justify their degree (if you have one) when you choose to stay home?
You can read the book's intro at their website. I'm going to play around there a little. Warning: it may be a guilt trip if you're a single parent (hopefully not, you can still do a lot for your family & the planet even if you work 2 jobs). I love the premise and gives my inner a hippie a hug as well. I hope I enjoy the rest of the book (when my turn on the wait list comes)!!

By the way, my neighbors got 3 chickens this last week!!! My turn next year (I hope!!)


  1. That sounds like a good book. The best place for mothers to be is home:). I totally want chickens and bees, I hope to get some within the next year or two. Self reliance seems to be really getting to me.

  2. i read about that in the NYT--looks good.

    we had 3 chickens...until our dog got to one! sad.