Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Grade?

There's no real way to write this post without sounding braggy so I'll just cut to the chase and say that my son's kindergarten teachers (he has 2 right now) both think he should move to first grade. One of them is my neighbor and she generally does not promote this so it's telling that she's strongly advising it.
So next week a first grade teacher they talked with is going to observe him and they'll do some testing and see if he'd do better moving up. Someone mentioned moving him Thursday (!!!!!) which makes me nervous.
He's very bright. I don't know his reading/math levels, but they said they're above 1st grade. I know his science knowledge is strong. So academically, he'd be fine. But he is a spirited little boy who loves to move and talk!
The hardest part for me is the 7 hours of school. I think it's too much for energetic little boys. I should ask how much recess they have. But I have to temper that with knowing how impossible he is when he's bored. And his teachers think he's too advanced for what they can give him even in GT classes. Plus, I miss him so much already with just 3 hours of school!!!!
He says he wants to learn more, but doesn't want to go to school for 7 hours either (can you blame him?) But I know he's more restless when he's bored which will make kindergarten a lot less fun in the coming weeks. So far they've been reading and playing Lego's. No wonder he's in heaven!
Digression: holy cow! He can't even build a sword out of Lego's! I better check and see if he can draw them, but my guess is no. How completely sexist! Do any of these people making the rules have little boys?!?!?!? /rant
Obviously I have a lot of thinking and prayer coming up over the next week. I am really anticipating the results of his tests, just for my own curiosity. Of course, the first grade teacher may decide he's not ready yet. I like her though. When thy told her about him and his inability to sit still and be quiet she said, "well he'd fit right in with my class!" His birthday is October so he'll only be the youngest by 2 months so age isn't really an issue.
There are as many strong opinions about grade skipping as there are about homeschooling, I've found (heaven forbid we NOT maintain the status quo!). But those I've talked to who have skipped a grade at teacher's recommendation has not regretted it. Still, I'm nervous about it.


  1. I think you know how I stand. But if not...well, I am not doing it with my oldest. They haven't approached me about it (heck, they haven't even done a flipping running record on her yet, but I have, I know she'd do fine in first grade) but you are right - pray, pray, pray. I have, and I got my answer. So go get yours. :)

  2. I say do it! Not that you asked, but my opinion (which is kind of educated) is that it's a great thing for those who are truly well above grade level.

  3. Yours is one of those blogs that I have bookmarked and I keep coming back to but I never became an official 'follower'...until today. As I was reading you latest posts and looking back over some of your past ones, I asked myself what I was waiting for.

    Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy visiting your blog!