Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Greatest Compliment

my baby in my sling
Some women are natural mothers. They're sweet and love babies & children and have really creative ideas for their home and are super patient.
I am not one of those women.
I never liked holding babies until I had my own.
I would make a much better research scientist or college professor. But I value motherhood. I value homemaking. I see many societal & environmental rewards from having one parent taking care of the home and children full time. And after numerous failed attempts at getting my masters degree, I have learned this is where God wants me. And I really do think He knows more than I do. I know everyone (including myself) is happier when I'm here doing the mom thing. So I stay home. And I have spent 6 years learning to like it.
And I've started to love it!
my eldest girl peeking from a window
Today I was telling my husband about taking my girls to the library while their brother was in school and how much I loved talking with my 2 year old and watching her and just being with her.
And then he says to me, "I am so glad to see how much you enjoy our children!" And it's true! I DO enjoy my kids. They are some of my favorite people to be with. I haven't always, so this is a big deal for me!

I felt pretty awesome after that. *big grin*

Monday, September 27, 2010

What's going on in our small house

We're busy, but not in a "we HAVE to get this done" kind of way. We've been playing football and frisbee (my 5 year old is getting good!), picking apples, making applesauce, making fruit leather, and then eating it!, sewing (I'm making a tote from old jeans-pics to come when I finish!) and reading a ton! Some days I dream of having a large house so I could have a massive library. And another bathroom. We are watching fall arrive and spend a good chunk of time looking at the changing leaves on the mountains. Time well spent.
The great "folding table in the kitchen experiment" is still going on. Mr SH wants to make it permanent and I want our table back in.
I found a home for all those crafty things, by the way (my sons kindergarten class!). Now to take them in! That would leave some under the bed space for canned food. It must be autumn because my husband is also getting in preparedness mode. He's making sure all the flashlights work & have batteries, updating 72 hr kits, fire drills, and wants to have another massive purge so we can fit more food storage in our home. Bring it!!

I love him, by the way. Last week he wanted to buy 5 acres and be a farmer. He totally wants a jersey cow for milk. This week he's acknowledging we should probably be able to make our 1/3 work for us first before going large scale. But still, it's nice to have a dream.
I dream of having massive food production in the backyard and growing most of my own food (except bananas. I'm not ready to give those up)
What do you dream of? Have you reached part of that dream?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Radical Homemakers

This is my next book to read:
I'm often telling my husband I feel like the last homemaker in our city. It's not true, of course. And I hear more and more about moms & dads who are able to work less & spend more time at home and it gives me hope for families. This book gave me more hope as I read the first sentence on the homepage: “Imagine women with masters degrees and PhDs who choose home over career advancement."
Does anyone else ever feel like they don't justify their degree (if you have one) when you choose to stay home?
You can read the book's intro at their website. I'm going to play around there a little. Warning: it may be a guilt trip if you're a single parent (hopefully not, you can still do a lot for your family & the planet even if you work 2 jobs). I love the premise and gives my inner a hippie a hug as well. I hope I enjoy the rest of the book (when my turn on the wait list comes)!!

By the way, my neighbors got 3 chickens this last week!!! My turn next year (I hope!!)

Friday, September 17, 2010

From the Garden

This year my son requested we grow purple carrots. We only did 2 squares & they're mixed here with the scarlet nantes, but they're pretty, huh?
I cooked some of them earlier with a roast and while they tasted delicious, they also turned black so I recommend keeping them raw for aesthetics.

they taste yummy too! We had a salad of carrots, peppers, & tomatoes all from our garden. Yum!!! Nothing beats fresh!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kindergarten it is!

Well, after much study and prayer we decided to keep the little guy in Kindergarten. That decision has been reaffirmed as the correct one daily since then. I've also had reconfirmation (is that a word?) that he really was supposed to go to school and not be home schooled just yet.
Seriously, how do people raise kids without prayer?! I'm just not a very good decision maker by myself :)
I was going to write more about why we chose kinder over first grade, but that involves personal info about my son that I just don't care to share with the internet right now. Suffice it to say that I know he will learn what he needs to while there and I can continue to teach him those extra hours at home.
A lovely arrangement, I think!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

First Grade?

There's no real way to write this post without sounding braggy so I'll just cut to the chase and say that my son's kindergarten teachers (he has 2 right now) both think he should move to first grade. One of them is my neighbor and she generally does not promote this so it's telling that she's strongly advising it.
So next week a first grade teacher they talked with is going to observe him and they'll do some testing and see if he'd do better moving up. Someone mentioned moving him Thursday (!!!!!) which makes me nervous.
He's very bright. I don't know his reading/math levels, but they said they're above 1st grade. I know his science knowledge is strong. So academically, he'd be fine. But he is a spirited little boy who loves to move and talk!
The hardest part for me is the 7 hours of school. I think it's too much for energetic little boys. I should ask how much recess they have. But I have to temper that with knowing how impossible he is when he's bored. And his teachers think he's too advanced for what they can give him even in GT classes. Plus, I miss him so much already with just 3 hours of school!!!!
He says he wants to learn more, but doesn't want to go to school for 7 hours either (can you blame him?) But I know he's more restless when he's bored which will make kindergarten a lot less fun in the coming weeks. So far they've been reading and playing Lego's. No wonder he's in heaven!
Digression: holy cow! He can't even build a sword out of Lego's! I better check and see if he can draw them, but my guess is no. How completely sexist! Do any of these people making the rules have little boys?!?!?!? /rant
Obviously I have a lot of thinking and prayer coming up over the next week. I am really anticipating the results of his tests, just for my own curiosity. Of course, the first grade teacher may decide he's not ready yet. I like her though. When thy told her about him and his inability to sit still and be quiet she said, "well he'd fit right in with my class!" His birthday is October so he'll only be the youngest by 2 months so age isn't really an issue.
There are as many strong opinions about grade skipping as there are about homeschooling, I've found (heaven forbid we NOT maintain the status quo!). But those I've talked to who have skipped a grade at teacher's recommendation has not regretted it. Still, I'm nervous about it.