Tuesday, August 3, 2010

It's Like a Clown Car

This past weekend we had 45 people at our house. 45. I have to admit, I wanted a bigger house that day. Luckily we set up some outside seating so not everyone was in the living room. Still, it was cozy. See how I make it positive? It wasn't cramped, it was cozy!

Because of this get together we took the table out of the kitchen and have since left it in the shed. I love the space! We still have the benches and have a much smaller folding table up right now. It's going to take some rearranging, but I'm hoping to find an eating solution I finally like.

Having spent a day with some of the larger furniture out of my house, I'm remotivated to keep it out. Do I really need 4 bookshelves? I'm keeping the piano :)

I have been thinking about a lot of things lately.
I read a Thomas Jefferson Education and an article called Headgates which have got me thinking a lot about the environment my children are growing up in. These are both very popular are the homeschooling blogs I frequent. I didn't particularly like TJED, but it did motivate me to read more (thus less computer/blogging time) and get better books for my kids. Headgates also had things I didn't agree with, but the overall idea was wonderful! It encourages having a house of order (where have we heard that before?), having children work (and I love how they advise doing it), and limiting toys/entertainment...actually, I think I just want to write some blog posts just about Headgates. It really has me thinking a lot... moving on!

I've been reading a TON of religious books too. I feel like I'm starving for spiritual insight right now.

Our garden is really starting to produce. Next year though I want pole beans. Bush beans just didn't give me enough.

Most of all I'm still thinking about "stuff" and it's role in my life. How much am I letting my things define me? I feel like my self concept revolves around what books I own, the music I listen to, and the way my house is decorated. I want to rid myself of even more!! So I'm kind of in a crisis. Take away the stuff and what's left? Or rather, who is left? Who do I want to be left? I'm trying to figure that out.

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  1. I've downloaded Headgates, but haven't read it yet. I, too, like some of the TJEd stuff.

    I'd love to hear your opinion on some of these things. It is interesting to me to see different approaches to kid-rearing and homeschooling, some of them much more gospel-based than what I've seen in the blogosphere before.