Monday, August 9, 2010


I loooooove books. I love reading them and holding them and yes, even smelling them. But I have too many. I really do. I even just put 2 book shelves in the shed to sell on craigslist. But I still have double shelved books. I was a book hoarder for so many years - up until Mr. SH and I decided to minimize our possessions last year. I still have far too many books and I really do want to pare them down but I find it overwhelming to even think of it. Then I read this blog post today: Breaking the Sentimental Attachment to Books

First of all, I just want to note that I am loving this blog because the man actually has children! It really is a gem to find a minimalist with a family! This post is by a guest author, but I am going to spend the next few days checking out Becoming Minimalist.

In particular I like the idea of having a desert island shelf. The books you would want if you were stranded on an island and you could read them over and over. So we're going to adapt this. We can't just have one "desert island" bookshelf, so we're going to have one for Mr. SH and one for Mrs. SH and one for Mr & Mrs SH where we'll have our limited/collector's edition books. Please don't ever ask me to give those up! I'm curious to see what is left when we're done.

Maybe doing that will help me to see if I can live without a lot of my books, especially the ones I've never read.
I'm scared!


  1. Please post the titles of the books you decide to keep on your island shelf. I'm so curious! :)