Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keeping it Together

Don't hate me, but I'm doing really well with three kids. Obviously I have little to no time for the computer, but I manage a shower at least every other day and my house is clean and I don't feel overwhelmed. No one believes me. They think I'm in denial. I was thinking about that this morning and I realized the reason why: there isn't a bunch of crap to clean up. We held a yard sale last Saturday and were able to unload almost all our leftover stuff. I still need to convince myself I am not a crafter and rid myself of crafty supplies (I am not a crafter. I am NOT a crafter!) but I suppose we all have our achilles heels. I'm sure it will be purged by the end of summer.
To be pefectly truthful, I think another reason I'm doing well is because I'm not pregnant anymore. For me, anything is easier than being pregnant. It really is cruel that with each one I have I just keep wanting more. Do I hate my body that much?
I can't believe I want to do it again!! I just love these kids too much!
I really, really love gardening you guys. I love it. When I need to recharge, I go out and weed. When I weed my garden I think of the "weeds" in my life I want to eliminate as well. It's great therapy!
The new kid is awesome! Even though she was my smallest at birth she has surpassed the other 2 in weight at 2 weeks. She's a champion nurser. Time will tell if it keeps up, but so far she is my easiest baby. Remembering my son as an infant and talking to other moms, I really think the first is the hardest. It's such an enormous transition and you have no idea what you're doing. What do you think? Am I just lucky? My luck will run out, I promise. This one will probably be an even bigger terror than Gozer when she turns 2. Please don't hate me.


  1. This is good for me to hear. I don't want to have just one child, but when I think of doing all of this over again, it nearly makes me cry just thinking about it. I keep having to tell myself that they won't ALL be like this. Hopefully. If my second one is this hard (no, I'm not pregnant), you'll come visit me in the mental institution, won't you?

  2. God bless you! Savor the moments--they grow up so quickly!

  3. My third was an angel too. I thought that 3 was a breeze. Now 4, was a little adjustment because of his strong personality. I can't say that I could ever keep the house clean while I was a nursing mother, so kudos to you!

  4. I can barely handle my two...I envy women like you who have 3 and barely bat an eyelash. :)

  5. Kris, you rock. I'm glad the transition is going well.

    I need to call you! I've been reading a thousand different things that make me think of you that I want to discuss (have you read The China Study?)