Thursday, April 8, 2010

the "eat-in" kitchen

Mine doesn't look like this one, but I wish it did. We have the same back door and a similar layout. But I look at where the dining table is and can't help but think of all that space that could be storing things like buckets of wheat and #10 cans. Mine is currently holding a gigantic freezer and an octagonal table that really doesn't fit the space.

I have never been able to get our kitchen to look cute. I have a lot of food storage that I rotate through frequently and haven't been able to find a storage method that doesn't take over the eating area. So after some fun internet browsing, I decided what we really need are built in benches. I can store my long term storage, like wheat and rice in them, along with bulkier items like my flour bins, plus it adds a lot more seating. Awesome!
I am determined to build these once I'm done being pregnant (and come up with the money-minor detail)
I love the ones here, but with the colors on this other kitchen below.

You know what I notice the most about small kitchens that look cute? Lighting. We have horrible boob lights that need to be replaced throughout the entire house, but especially in the kitchen. In our last home we learned that good kitchen lighting is an investment. It pays off more than any other improvement.
Just one more thing to add to the list...after we replace the roof, of course.


  1. oh man, poorly lit workspaces in kitchens drive me nuts. we don't have anything cute, but i had to put something up over the stove and sink.

    built in benches sound awesome! i wonder if you could get scrap wood somewhere. my father-in-law works at a carpentry business and made us a lovely bench from mahogany(!) that would have otherwise been thrown out. some cities have non-profits where you can buy secondhand/surplus construction items, too...

    "construction items." that sounds like i know what i'm talking about;)

  2. "boob lights" *snort* I know just what you mean though.

  3. @suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter
    I hadn't thought about checking ReStore or even online ads. Maybe I could get this cheaper... Thanks!!