Repurposing Denim

I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like, mostly because I want to take pictures (I made a new sling!) and that involves uploading pictures which I am terrible at! So instead I want to share with you what I have been browsing on the internet since putting my children to bed. Basically I have a bunch of old jeans and many possibilities for what to do with them. Here's some I'm thinking of:
I need another pair of maternity jeans. One of mine has been worn for 5 pregnancies between my friends and I. These look fairly doable
Easy and inexpensive! Check out the post from patchworkprincess on how to make them.
I desperately need new bibs for my kids. I don't have a lot because I just can't justify spending the money for a piece of clothing they wear so infrequently! These are not only cute, but cheap to make! The best part? No interfacing! Check out this post from thimbly things and while you're at it, browse her site. I'm loving her ideas!
Some more fun places to see
an apron
cute tote
I also plan on make a wall hung organizer for kids books and toys and maybe a toddler skirt.

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