Monday, November 15, 2010

Make Your Own Sling

This baby (I love that smile!!) has informed me in no uncertain terms that she is awake and
will be for some time. So I'm blogging to pass the time! I figured it was high time I post about the sling I made last spring. 8 months ago. I may have a procrastination problem....

I've tried a few different kinds of baby carriers. I never liked the baby bjorn style. It just never felt right. I bought a new native for my first baby before my first was born and really liked it. I also made my own Moby wrap when my second baby came. It's basically 5 yards of fabric cut in half lengthwise. My favorite carrier is the moby, but it's too much of a pain to wrapfor quick
trips. I like it for zoo outings and such. So for quick trips and helping first-graders I prefer a pouch style. But my new native didn't give me enough freedom to nurse, I wanted something that fit me better.
See, there I am with the New Native. It works, there's just not as much fabric as I'd like for nursing. I've never been able to position the baby well. So I looked for patterns online to sew my own pouch. Here's my favorite sites for a pouch style sling:

I like the first because it's reversible. They are EASY. The most time consuming part was the ironing. And here's how to make a flat felled seam tutorial for very strong seams to hold your LO

Here's my finished product. I've got her peeking out a bit in the first one, but as you can see in the one on the right, there's totally enough fabric for discreet nursing. I've been able to nurse her while walking to school! (a jacket helps to hide your undershirt. Yes, you need an undershirt/tank so no one sees your mama belly flab)

I of course made this out of old sheets because, well, I make everything out of old sheets. But you can use just about any fabric you have lying around. I plan to make one for big sister for Christmas so she'll stop tying fabric around her neck to carry her dolls. ACK! Have I mentioned she's two??

Do you use a baby carrier? Have you made your own or thought about it?


  1. I LOVE my mei tai. Did I spell that right? Anyway, I can't nurse for very long, so I'm all about quick and comfort. I love it because I was able to carry my babies (er...toddlers) until they refused to be carried with a sling. And it goes on your front or back. Very cool.

  2. I admire crafty people. I am so not crafty. My favorite sling, however, is the Moby, by far. I so wish I had it with all my babies but didn't find it until baby #5.

    Had I been crafty, I could've saved the $$ to buy it for, as you say, it was just a lot of fabric : ) I am just happy I know how to put it on and get her in it!!

  3. My Moby is awesome--but for quick trips sometimes I wish I had a sling.

    After Christmas crafting is done, I may need to make one of these.

  4. Awwww, your family is adorable. What I wouldn't give for one more hour with my kids as babies. But, only one hour...they were ALOT of work!

    Thanks for the comment over at Grace & Truth.

    Hope you are a blessing to your husband tonight. :O)

  5. Some African countries use this I suppose.