I had no idea

I have a lot I want to post. But after getting an infection I'm on a temporary bedrest for a few days and am trying to take things easy. But I wanted to share this article from yahoo:
Homeschooling: German Family Gets Political Assylum in US
"The Romeikes are not your typical asylum seekers. They did not come to the U.S.
to flee war or despotism in their native land. No, these music teachers left
Germany because they didn't like what their children were learning in public
school - and because homeschooling is illegal there."

I am still undecided as to whether or not I will homeschool my kids. But even having the option is something I take for granted. For all of its faults, we really do live in a great country. I just hope it stays that way!

I'll get back to sewing and posting my repurposed crafts later this week.