Saturday, February 20, 2010

Why We Love Smaller Homes

During college, my husband and I moved quite a bit. I would get restless and it was so easy to rent and sell contracts that when we got bored, we'd simply move. Our favorite place we ever lived was a place we called "the mansion". It was an old 1800's place that was smaller than most new homes built today. But back then it was a mansion. We lived in a room on the second floor that was less than 200 sqft total. We had a 10x10 room, a small kitchenette, a small bathroom (no tub) and a closet. We LOVED it. It took a lot of creativity to make it work and no one ever wanted to visit us (not always a bad thing), but we were our happiest there. We lived in a lot of places since then, and have learned that smaller is usually better for us. Remodeling in cheaper, utilities are cheaper, and we don't have so much clutter in our lives. Our last home was an 800 sqft 2bedroom condo that would have been great if we hadn't really wanted our own land. By the way, it's amazing what you can grow inside with a good south facing window! In our search for a house we looked at homes ranging from 600 sq ft to 2000 sq ft. Sometimes I regret not getting the 2000 sqft home. But then I loook at our heating bill and the regret quickly vanishes. I have to be honest, it's not easy living in a smaller home. Especially when all your friends have dining rooms and play rooms and family rooms, etc. But this is what we chose and we're going to make it work.


  1. Kris, Thank you so much for validating my post on Progressive Pioneer. Her response to it was pretty curt and I regretted even opening my mouth (or laptop) when I read it. But then I got a glimpse of your message and after I read it, I felt such relief that I was heard and someone understood what I was trying to convey. I hope your coming birth is wonderful. The third time was certainly the charm for me. I was so frightened after my second birth ( it was fast it scared the pants off of me - from start to finish only 3 hours!) that I went in the door to this one, fully open to some kind of pain relief (which I didn't end up using or needing) and I think the simple act of giving myself permission to not have that 'perfect natural birth' went a long way to carrying me through. (Okay, so there were some practical things too like saying to myself that what I was feeling wasn't pain exactly as much as it was pressure because the baby was moving OUT or forcing my eyes open during a contraction so I didn't overly focus on the pain and dwell on it and spiral into panic). So anyway, THANK YOU.

    Congrats on the new blog - have you ever read Creating The Not So Big House? You will love it. We just moved from a small (2 bedroom plus a small den) house that we lived in for 8 years. It was challenging at times, but I really believe it bound our little family together and made our girls especially close. We are in a large house now (about 2K sq ft) and you are SO right about the energy bills! This house is more open then our old house, with lots of windows, but still is snug in the rooms we live in. LOL, we still haven't spread out though. I think we all are still more comfy being elbow to elbow. Maybe when the kiddos are teenagers? :)
    Have a nice night. Our newest addition (6 month old son) has his second cold and I think it may be a long night....

  2. @Nicole
    Oh, man! I could go off on that for hours, but I wont :) Birth stories are SUCH a touchy subject. I really do love what you wrote though! It sounded real and yet made me want to do it. "You can light candles and play nice music, but this is not a trip to the day spa!" That summed it up prefectly! So you're welcome! Thanks for the kind words.

  3. our first apartment was so little we called it "the shire." it was the attic of a little row house, acessible only by fire escape--and we loved it!

    how did you install the "reply to comment" link? i've never seen that on blogger.

    i got my emu oil at, but i didn't post a link since they only had a small amount left. isn't it great stuff?

  4. @suzannah @ so much shouting/laughter
    I got the code and directions from here:
    It took me a while to figure it out, but eventually it worked.
    Also, I got my emu oil from the emu gold ranch outside placerville, CA. I really should try to get some more. I was amazing at healing, I can't believe I forgot about it! Thanks for the reminder!