No Television

One of the ways we save money is to not have cable/satellite. We don't even have the equipment to watch network television. I get my Lost fix from Hulu. I have to say, avoiding all those commercials and not being glued to HGTV has saved us a LOT of money! Not to mention I think we're all a little more intelligent than we were before, especially the kids.
So I'm sitting here in my living room looking at the blank tv and wondering why the heck we have it (the answer, if you're wondering, is because my husband would divorce me if we didn't). If I got rid of the tv and all of its corresponding accessories, I think I could fit another couch in my living room! I have the tv (32"), tv stand, shelves for tv acessories, movies, games.... If I must have a tv, I would love to just get a little 20" tv I could fit on the book shelf and keep behind a door.
My husband, however, would like to upgrade to a 60" plasma. And some things are more important than finding extra space in a home. So we compromise and keep the 32" which will die some day and at least be replaced with a flat screen :) Meanwhile, I will continue to silently sit and dream of wht I could do with that extra space....