Friday, February 19, 2010


I just haven't felt like writing lately. So maybe I'll play catch up. I came up with a reward chart for myself, based on this entry from Bloom I found. It's always nice knowing you're not the only person who struggles with a certain problem. :) My chart isn't quite so cutesy, but I liked the idea behind it.

Also, here's a picture of my yummy white bread.

I found a fantastic tasting wheat bread recipe, but I don't like how it rises. Once I get that part figured out, I'll post the recipe.

What's been on my mind the most is my small home. We are doing o much to make it work and I want to share ideas. I am thinking of doing a blog just about that because "small house with kids" blogs seem so hard to find on the web! I suppose I could just write about it here, but I'm thinking that domain name just about that might be better. I'll probably blog more often there, at any rate.


  1. Amen on the small space with kids thing. I do find apartment therapy, and their kids' site ohdeedoh to have good ideas from time to time.

  2. agreed. ohdeedoh has some awesome activities and stuff anyway.