Friday, February 19, 2010

The Purpose of the Blog

I'm always on the web looking for ways to make my "small house" work for our family. What do other people do? Sometimes I find a gem from someone who is really making a small house work. But most of the time it's people without kids living in 200 sqft, or a family of 4 telling of the difficulties of making 2200 sqft just barely work. Most of the small space decorating ideas aren't very applicable to real life. Nothing I can relate to.
Since many of my friends and neighbors are in similar circumstances and are also looking for solutions, I thought I'd start my own blog about it. A place to share the joys and challenges of raising kids in less than 1000sqft. To get/share ideas for raising kids with a conservation attitude and an appreciation for what they have. Now I realize we are not nearly as cramped as other families. My neighbor lives in a home about 300 sqft bigger than mine and has 7 children. I have to remind myself of her every time I wonder if we can really have 3 (or more) kids with only one bathroom! Still, as our family grows we'll come across new problems and ways of solving them. I think the inernet can be a wonderful place for like-minded people to share ideas and experiences.

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