Friday, February 19, 2010

Cloth Diapering

I am completely new to cloth diapering. We used disposables on son #1 and for the first 22 months of daughter #1's life. She had spent the last 5 of those with a never ending diaper rash. It meant buying expensive cream and going through more diapers than usual so she wasn't sitting in pee. Finally I'd had enough. So I bought some prefolds off craigslist and some Thirsties covers and gave it a shot. She liked the cute covers but said they hurt. Plus her butt was about 3 times bigger than before. So when I found some g-diapers for 50% off I decided to give them a try. There was no way I was going to buy the expensive flushable inserts but I thought about giving the washable inserts a try.
I didn't need to. I found that by folding my prefold into thirds they fit perfectly in the g diapers. AND they were less bulky! AND since g-diapers velcro in the rear, she isn't constantly taking them off! I feel like I won the diaper lottery.
Almost. Poo is pretty easy with a toddler. Most of the time it just falls into the toilet and the diaper is barely dirty. Today we had some diarrhea and I had to scape and swish and I HATE that. I have read about using flushable liners and want to try them out. It's $9 for 100 at Walmart. But from what I hear, they're like dried up baby wipes so I'm thinking of leaving out some flushable wet wipes to dry and trying those. It'd be a LOT cheaper. I'll let you know how it goes.
The other problem we're having is night time. We simply haven't been able to use cloth at night. That's the other problem I need to work out. Microfiber is not comfortable next to skin, but I've heard hemp is pretty absorbent. If I can get my hands on some good material I'll try sewing some.
Despite those two challenges, overall I'm really finding I like cloth diapering. The extra laundry isn't a hassle for me and everytime I change her I think of how I just saved $.20 and smile a little. If cloth diapers can make me smile during a change, I'm all for it!


  1. yay for cloth! i love how gentle it is on their skin.

  2. I have some liners you can try out if you haven't already. I find them to be more like dryer sheets than wipes, but I don't recommend putting dryer sheets on your baby's bum. ;)