Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Built-in Closets"

I kind of really love IKEA. I'm sure I'll never buy fabric or a sofa from there, but when it comes to organization, they have some great ideas. So I try to pay attention to all their small space displays. While walking their showroom floor, I noticed several of the staged bedrooms have the IKEA closets on either side of the bed. I LOVE this idea and wanted to try it, but the doors are pretty expensive so I thought about using fabric. Wasn't too sure how that would look. But I knew someone had to have done it. And finally found someone. I love the internet!!!
Young House Love is usually the sort of blog to tick me off ("well of course you can do all of that, you don't have kids!!") but I have to let go of that and admit they have some great ideas I can use. Especially this post. I don't agree with the color scheme, but who wouldn't love this room?!
Here's the after of their room and what we are someday shooting for. But we have a ways to go. I never thought of using crown molding or a fake beam across it. I think it's a fantastic use of space and it's really helped us make our bedroom cuter and functional all at the same time. The best part? We bought these from the "as-is" section for $30 each! The boxes were dented, but the cabinets themselves were fine. That's $140 saved!

So here's how it's coming in our room. At least what you can see. Just goes to show how smll my room is when this is the biggest picture I could get! ;)
Not as cute, I know, because it isn't finished. I just can't find lights I like and a humongous picture to go over the bed. But we're focusing on closets, right? All we need is a little crown molding and some extra fabric behind the diaphanous curtains and we're set! I think? Any other ideas??

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  1. I love it - who would have thought two closets could do such wonders! I think giving bulk to small spaces actually makes them feel bigger. What if you did a bunch of framed pics over your bed instead of one big one? Maybe find random frames at the thrift store and then frame pictures, or a small square of interesting fabric - or kid art? I think some of my girls' pre-drawing art looks so fancy when framed - very post-modern. ;)