Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Normally I really like winter, but this year I feel like it's starting to drag on. I want to go outside and dig in the dirt! I'm feeling enclosed and hormonal and insecure. I feel like if I could just get into the soil, I could work through all my feelings and really figure out what it is I'm wanting right now. We've been in this house almost 2 years now. This is the time I start wanting a change. I want to move, or remodel, or do major landscaping...something! One thing I've learned though is being a landlord isn't for me. We've had great renters and no problems with it, but I don't find it enjoyable or fulfilling at all. And really, why have anything take up space in your life if it doesn't bring you joy? So that's the question I'm really pondering right now...what do I want to do/learn/focus on that will truly bring me joy?

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