Okay, I know the top looks a little funky, but it tasted soooo good! Edible bread, my friends. We have acheived edible bread! I still need to be able to make bread the real old fashioned way, kneading and all. But I'm going to take this success and run with it as long as I can. OH! And since I was in the mood and my oven was already warm, I made "healthy" oatmeal chocolate chip cookies too. You can see them cooling behind the bread. They're "healthy" because they use whole wheat flour and oats. We won't discuss the sugar content.

The best part of the bread was that I went to make a sandwich with it today and it tasted even better then it did out of the oven. It was soft and chewy and wheaty all at the same time. I used the honey wheat sandwich bread recipe from HBin5.