Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Some handmade Christmas gifts

I made these for the kiddos and am very proud.  oooh and ahhh over them all you like.

I made them both pajamas out of some uber cheap flannel I got.  I still have lots more I'm thinking of using for a quilt.

I worked so long on this sweater for baby girl.  isn't she cute with those Baby Legs on with it?  There's a hood too.

I love handmade, especially at Christmas time.  But I really struggle with comeing up with ideas.  Kids are eas, at least.  I made ornaments for all the girls in my family as well.  I wish had pictures, some of them really seemed to like them.  I look forward to the handmade gifts my children will give me.  The boy made me a book this year.  It totally brings out my inner "mommy".  I love that stuff!


  1. Good job! Those are awesome!

    So I am finally in the area and, as of the day before yesterday, have a car - aka freedom - again. When do you want/can you get together? Should probably wait until next week because of germs, C has been throwing up for the past few days . . .

  2. Poor kiddo! Baby girl has a pretty decent cold right now too, so hopefully next week will work out. I'd love to see you!! And I want to see your house! (I guess I should check your blog and see how things are ;)