It's a Girl!!!

As fun as it would be to post pictures of this little treasure, I really don't feel like busting out the scanner.  Sorry.  But two are really cute.  The position of her umbilical cord makes it look like she's blowing bubbles!

My feelings?  Shock!  I really totally expecting a boy.  I just wasn't even close to being sick with #3 as I was with baby girl.  Sicker than the boy, yes, but I figured I'd have gotten IV's or at least 1 UTI if it was  girl.  Now that it has sunk in (and the boy has stopping crying), I am ecstatic!  First off, I have to say that I have been worried sick about this kid because I had some very high fevers during weeks 5 &6.  So my biggest feeling is for gratitude that she has no visible defects. 

I always wanted all boys because I'm such a tomboy, but I am starting to really love girls.  It's weird.  I think they're bringing out my inner girly girl.  The Boy was VERY upset when we told him and I was really sad for him.  But then we got to talking and he realized he really just wanted to teach it new things and he could do that even if it was a girl.  Now he's happy.

I may have also bribed him with a pet...

My due date is staying at May 28, but I'm guessing the 22nd since the other two came about a week early.  So there's the pregnancy update.  Now we just gotta come up with another girls name.  We have such an easy time with boy names but really struggle with girl ones... oh well.

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