Bread with pictures

So while browsing for bread books I came across the "Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day" website. They had a video showing how to make the master recipe and I thought, "I'll just use that to make some bread!" After buying the book, I figured out what I did wrong. I didn't buy the book. Apparently you can't just get the ingredients, and adjust rising times to what you've read in other books. Who knew? Maybe that's why I always preferred cooking to baking. There's a lot more wiggle room. But it wasn't a total loss. Here's the dough after I mixed it.

And then, you guys, a miracle happened. It rose! See, here's proof. I actually got some dough to rise!

So then I refrigerated it like they said and then grabbed some dough out (just like in the video), formed a little oval with it and stuck it in my bread pan. It came out looking like this.

not very inspiring, is it? So anyway, I figured out that I handled the dough too long, didn't put enough in the pan, and didn't let it rise enough. That explains the smallness. That aside, it tasted like bread, but not very good bread. It really needed sugar. So since the video was for pizza rolls, I made cinnamon rolls with the remaining dough. Soooo good!!!!

Lots of brown sugar there, too.

So tonight (since I now have the book) I am making the "whole grain sandwich loaf" which uses honey and some other ingredients. It's better when left in the fridge for 24 hours so I'll let you know Friday if this one turns out. Most of the breads in the book are free form loaves. I'll try some of those later.