Thursday, November 12, 2009

a small house post

Most days I love my home. I am able to fit everything I own and it provides everything my family needs. There are days though I get very caught up in appearances. I start wishing I had a bigger home to "show off" to people. Or I feel like I need to apologize for not having a room completely devoted to entertaining people. I hate feeling like that.

I become frustrated often because it seems nearly impossible to find any people in the "small house movement" with families. None of their advice fits my family. Where do you put food storage? And don't say under the bed because that's where the gift wrap and winter clothes are. What about feeding 5 people in an eat-in kitchen? I seriously don't get where people put their food if there's no pantry. My cupboards are filled with dishes. When kids share room and there's only room for a bunk bed and a dresser, where do they do their homework (I always had a desk)?

These are the things I am trying to figure out. My biggest dilemma is eating. I have a dining area in my eat-in kitchen, but right now it'sbeing used by my deep freeze and a cabinet to put food storage in. If those weren't there, it'd be ideal for a largerish table. one day I'll figure it out and post awesome pics.

I really should post pics again some day...

What are your small home dilemmas? Any solutions?


  1. We can't fit a table in our tiny kitchen, so we eat on the kitchen floor. We decided not to give a crap what people think.

  2. I had the same problem with the food. I turned a hall closet that used to be a coat/linen closet to a pantry/place to put my broom, vacuum, etc. Then we have a coat rack that hangs on the wall by the door instead of a coat closet and my linens, well... that's another story. Towels are in the bathrooms and then I put my sheets in those plastic zip bags that they came in and throw them at the top of my closet. Keeps them from getting dusty and I can throw them around wherever I need them to fit without having to worry about them unfolding and getting wrinkly.

  3. I know what you mean about the small house movement being for people w/out kids

    I like the idea of keeping the kitchen table clear for homework, at least as the kids are younger. They need help focusing, anyway.

    I'm getting rid of more and more dishes that aren't getting used. I love having corelle plates and bowls because they're so small they take up a lot less space than ceramic stuff. And don't break as easily.

    *shrugs* wish I had better advice.

  4. I love all this stuff! Sara, thanks for always reminding me what a ninny I am when I'm being insecure. Shauna- you have no wrinkles in your sheets?? Maybe I have too many towels...
    And Em, I should get different dishes. Mine were free, but they're fiestaware and take up a lot more space (and chip easily)

  5. I KNOW that I have too many towels. I was just thinking of that the other day. We have a whole set of "guest towels" that stay in the downstairs bathroom. And then Jesse and I have matching towels and then we probably just need like ONE back up set for when we're washing the others. And yet? We probably have around 20 towels (not including the guest towels). Want some towels??? And no, there are no wrinkles in my sheets. I'm kind of compulsive about how my sheets get folded.

    Also, I agree with Emily about the Corelle dishes. I've been meaning to buy a new set. If I do, do you want my old ones? There's nothing wrong with the set.... it just happens to be the very last thing in my possession that I bought during my first marriage. Would be nice to get rid of them.

  6. no towels, we just got rid of a bunch! :) But I think I'd take the dishes if you opted for new ones. Unless they have roosters on them. I can't abide roosters.

  7. We've got 4 boys under the age of 7 and we live in a small house. The funny thing is that today's definition of a small house is so different than yesterday's. The family that built our home in the 1930's had 9 children! And, somehow it worked for them.

    I have a lot of the same frustrations that you have. We have virtually no closet space (they just didn't build closets) and I wish I were better able to entertain.

    I remind myself that our home would be luxurious & roomy to a large percentage of the world's population. We are truly blessed.

  8. I have no clue if you still monitor this blog but I am glad I found it. I am pretty obsessed with tiny house living and it has really helped me see my 1000sq ft in a totally different way :) I do not have a pantry but have done fine with a cabinet above our dryer. I got discouraged a lot before I started looking into tiny house but now when I start to feel the need for more space I look at tiny house blogs and feel like my house is huge :)