Saturday, November 7, 2009



Should be done cooking by the end of May. I'm honestly suprised I waited this long to say anything (I'm 11 weeks), I'm so bad with my own secrets. I hope you'll forgive me for breaking with custom and "announcing" it a week early. Consider yourself lucky. The facebookers all have to wait 2 more weeks til I hear the heartbeat (seen 5 weeks ago, but, well, you never know).

Most of the day I feel like poo. But I'm happy poo.


  1. We sure like being knocked up at the same time don't we!

  2. I get to read about it on your blog! No phone call...:) Congrats! I hope that you have a great pregnacy with little-no sickness!

  3. CONGRATS!!! That is so awesome!

    Thanks for your phone call, I am sorry things have either been so busy or I've been overwhelmed and not a fun person to talk to. We fly in on Thursday, so lets get together in the next week or two?

  4. moving in the same area is crazy enough, I can't imagine the stress of moving 2 states away (with a toddler). I REALLY want to see you so call me once things are calm, or better yet, when you want to take a break!

  5. Oh! Wow. Congratulations!! I love that picture, BTW.