how the devil helped me lose weight

I lost 30lbs this year by embracing my pride and vanity.  2 of the 7 deadly sins.  I finally got tired enough of feeling badly about myself to do something about it and find my motivation.

I think the hardest thing for me was always the motivation.  I always talked about losing weight and somethings would work for a few weeks, but then I'd give up.  My heart wasn't in it.  I had to be honest with myself about what really motivates me.  It isn't my health, it isn't even the number on the scale (though it helps motivate a little).  Peer pressure didn't even do it.  For me it was showing up someone who drives me crazy.  I knew I was better than her and this was a great way to prove it.  I gave into my pride and made it work for me.  I know, it makes me a mean and horrible person, but it worked!!  If greed, selfishness, vanity, or pride motivates you, then I say channel that negative attribute and make something positive out of it.  Lose weight, get healthy.  Funny enough, that person doesn't bug me so much anymore.....

I didn't lose a thing when my son was born (10lbs, which came right back on) and then I only lost 15 lbs with my daughter, which put me 10lbs above my post-son weight.  When they tell you breastfeeding helps you lose weight, don't count on it, they're not referring to everyone.  So how did I lose it?  You're not going to like this.  I cut out sugar and most fats and execised my butt off.  It was miserable, but worth it.

I started in January by fixing my diet.  No cookies.  No soda.  Lots of veggies, lean meats and only wheat breads.  At least 80 oz of water/day and no eating after 7pm.  In February I added running.  I hate running so much.  But it was all I knew to do in the winter.  I also joined an indoor soccer league so I could have some nights off from running around my block (boring!).  I lost 20 lbs in 3 months doing this.  Then I got an injury and fell off the wagon.  The best part?  I didn't gain a pound.  Because I lost the weight the right way, my metabolism was stable.  I may have gained a pound one week, but then I'd just cut something out the next week and it was gone.  I took a few months off then spent July and August losing the last 10.  I know it's tempting to try something to take the weight off quickly, but this way is so much better!  I like being able to take time off and just maintain.  Maintaining also involves walking 2 miles 4 days a week so I can eat ice cream :)

I was finally able to fit into my favorite pants I haven't worn since before I became a mom!  You guys, it felt awesome zipping those up, I can't even tell you!  I'm going to take another break, but plan to lose 15 more next year.  I know I'll never be a size 6 again, like in highschool, but I'm gonna shoot for an 8.  I really think I can do that.  I just need to find someone else who bugs me that I want to show up ;-)

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