Monday, October 12, 2009

how the devil helped me lose weight

I lost 30lbs this year by embracing my pride and vanity.  2 of the 7 deadly sins.  I finally got tired enough of feeling badly about myself to do something about it and find my motivation.

I think the hardest thing for me was always the motivation.  I always talked about losing weight and somethings would work for a few weeks, but then I'd give up.  My heart wasn't in it.  I had to be honest with myself about what really motivates me.  It isn't my health, it isn't even the number on the scale (though it helps motivate a little).  Peer pressure didn't even do it.  For me it was showing up someone who drives me crazy.  I knew I was better than her and this was a great way to prove it.  I gave into my pride and made it work for me.  I know, it makes me a mean and horrible person, but it worked!!  If greed, selfishness, vanity, or pride motivates you, then I say channel that negative attribute and make something positive out of it.  Lose weight, get healthy.  Funny enough, that person doesn't bug me so much anymore.....

I didn't lose a thing when my son was born (10lbs, which came right back on) and then I only lost 15 lbs with my daughter, which put me 10lbs above my post-son weight.  When they tell you breastfeeding helps you lose weight, don't count on it, they're not referring to everyone.  So how did I lose it?  You're not going to like this.  I cut out sugar and most fats and execised my butt off.  It was miserable, but worth it.

I started in January by fixing my diet.  No cookies.  No soda.  Lots of veggies, lean meats and only wheat breads.  At least 80 oz of water/day and no eating after 7pm.  In February I added running.  I hate running so much.  But it was all I knew to do in the winter.  I also joined an indoor soccer league so I could have some nights off from running around my block (boring!).  I lost 20 lbs in 3 months doing this.  Then I got an injury and fell off the wagon.  The best part?  I didn't gain a pound.  Because I lost the weight the right way, my metabolism was stable.  I may have gained a pound one week, but then I'd just cut something out the next week and it was gone.  I took a few months off then spent July and August losing the last 10.  I know it's tempting to try something to take the weight off quickly, but this way is so much better!  I like being able to take time off and just maintain.  Maintaining also involves walking 2 miles 4 days a week so I can eat ice cream :)

I was finally able to fit into my favorite pants I haven't worn since before I became a mom!  You guys, it felt awesome zipping those up, I can't even tell you!  I'm going to take another break, but plan to lose 15 more next year.  I know I'll never be a size 6 again, like in highschool, but I'm gonna shoot for an 8.  I really think I can do that.  I just need to find someone else who bugs me that I want to show up ;-)

Monday, October 5, 2009

remember when people blogged?

I vaguely do. Since I no longer have facebook to occupy my time, perhaps I'll get back into the blogosphere. Of course, I feel there's little to write about. It's weird because my stats are still a little up. Who is reading this thing I haven't touched in 6 months?

We've done a ton to the yard. We chopped down the diseased plum tree, built half a rock wall, leveled an extra 10 feet for lawn, and built some raised beds in the back yard for next year's veggies. I've been trying to design our landscape around watering. I have the lawn just big enough that the sprinkler can water it. The rest will be veggies, trees and water-wise plants. Or whatever I can get to grow on the hill.

Hubby's gotten on a self sufficiency kick and has begun stock piling firewood. He's even suggested we get ... chickens. We'll have to see about that.

I am seriously considering taking some language courses just for funsies. So I'm looking into latin or greek. I've always wanted to learn latin and greek. I figure even if the time isn't right for grad school, I can still learn something! I should probably try some religion classes as well. Or horticulture. Can you tell I miss college?

I finished painting baby girl's room, but I have no pictures to show you because that would involve cleaning it. I did the bottom grass green hills with flowers and bugs on top (white background). The boy's room progress still. His is an ocean mural. I got the volcano island done, but the fish are so detailed I never want to paint them. I think I may leave the mural to one wall and paint the rest a solid color.

That's what I'm up to, I guess. I'll try to write more often. I know, famous last words...