Thursday, February 26, 2009

save some money

There's three things I love: earth friendly hippie stuff, saving money, and Jack Bauer.

The first and last are pretty individual, but I don't know anyone who doesn't love saving money.  So after talking with some friends about it, I decided to share some of my secrets with you.  I use two websites to help me save (they're free) and (she's affiliated with the Fun With Food Storage ladies I'll talk about another time.  They have national chains like Walmart listed too so just because you aren't in Utah doesn't mean you can't use them.  Check them out.  Do it.  Now.

What did you think?  Pretty cool huh?  I like how obsessive shopper lets you know if something is a good deal or not.  Sale doesn't always mean good buy.  I also like comparing stores to see who has it cheapest.

I especially like the free stuff at Rite Aid and Walgreens.  Sometimes when I combine a rebate with a coupon, I make money.  That's coupon mom's whole premise.  Every time she helps you make $1, she asks you to donate it to charity.  I can live with that!  Sometimes when I have enough shampoo and they're giving it away, I'll donate that to the food bank (they take more than food).  And if you hate clipping coupons and storing them or whatever, then just save the entire thing because they tell you the date and coupon magazine they came in.  However, there's been so many times I've come across an unadvertised deal and get a better deal because I bring my organized coupons with me.

So this week I bought $51.20 in drug store stuff.  Those items were on sale so the new total was $31.96.  Pretty good right, anyone can save $20!  But then I added coupons and rebates.  Guess my total?  $5.75.  I'm totally serious.  $5.75 for excedrin, triaminic, theraflu, mouth numbing stuff, girly products, shampoo, mousse, and chex mix.  You can't save that much buying generic either.

I haven't calculated my food totals yet, but I usually save 50%-60%.  Not bad.  I cut our monthly groceries from $400-$500 to about $250 for a family of four.  I know I can make it smaller too, which is why I'm starting to track everything.

I have a new hobby :)  I hope some of you can use it to save a little money too.


  1. Is there anything on there for Canada?

  2. No idea. We like to keep you notherners poor, you know.

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