Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I got a life

I really did. I've been doing real world things other than blogging and facebook. It's crazy! I need to upload pictures from my camera, but we've been enjoying our awesome backyard sledding hill and built an igloo with all the snow. We went to Ely and it was as desolate as expected. But we had a good visit with the inlaws and were just barely out of the storm until the last 25 miles before home. So we're grateful for that. We really enjoyed our Christmas and seeing all the family we did even though my little brother completely schooled us in Ticket to Ride (Europe), which he'd never played before. We spent New Years Eve at my cousin's birthday party and then her dad joined us at my other cousin's house (across the street) playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero (mine and hubby's Christmas present) all night.

The boy and I have started doing yoga again. Baby girl started walking, really walking, about a week ago. And I'm being bit by the home improvement bug again. I'm finally picking paint colors (goodbye pasty pink!) And I really, really want a dishwasher. I'm fantasizing about dishwashers! I got a bunch from the library about installing electrical circuits. Can I get my tax refund now? Please!

Of course today I'm dreaming about ripping up this carpet since baby girls been puking all morning. I have really nice carpet so we kept it, but I'm starting to remember all the reasons we ripped it up at the condo. We have original hardwood underneath, but it's incomplete. And honestly, I think at this point I'd rather have a dishwasher and a bissel.

I guess that's all. I gotta go clean my carpet :(

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  1. I *love* Ticket To Ride: Europe. THAT is a FUN GAME. :)

    I bought it for myself over the holiday. (Happy Christmas to ME).