I'm like a bear. When it's cold outside I go into hibernation. I need warm sun and plants poking through the ground and buds on trees for my brain to wake up and write.
I'm going to order my garden seeds in the next week sometime. I've looked though my catalog and there's all kids of cool veggies I can grow! I'm excited to have my own vegetable garden because my government is bringing on it's own demise and I'd like to have a good supply of food when that happens. I have about 500lbs of dried beans, but I'd like some side dishes with them when armageddon hits.

You said you were different Obama!! You said you would change things!! *sob*
*for the record, I never thought anything would actually change with him. Except that it doesn't hurt my brain when he talks. Hate to disappoint the Obamaphiles, but he's bought and paid for like the rest of them. It's still The Man!

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