Saturday, January 31, 2009

"weekend" syndrome

I can rationalize anything.  It's true.  Remember that one year I did that stuff?  Totally rationalized it.

This is especially true of me with money and weight loss.  I'll spend all week saving money and not eating out and buying crap I don't need, and then the weekend hits and I'm like, "hey, I saved so much money this week.  I can totally afford to go to my favorite restaurant!"  Instant sabotage.  next thing I know I've spent all the money I saved.  Same thing with weight loss.  I'll eat well all week and then the weekend comes and it's time to take a "vacation" from the diet.  Bring on the chips and ice cream!  I gained back all the weight I lost.

With both I end out staying in the same place.  Two steps forward, two steps back.  And I'm getting tired of the view in this spot.  Time to move!

This weekend will be no exception, I'm sure.  I love super bowl Sunday!  I bought hot wings, brats, and various frozen snack foods already.  No chips or  cookies, but I'm sure those will provided by others.  I can't decide if I want to give up eating this food or not.  I love food.  I'm a total hedonist.  It's not easy to give up hedonism.  I guess we'll just see what I decide tomorrow (Go Warner and Cardinals!!!)

I guess my point is, maybe if I'm more aware of this behavior within my own psychology, I can finally stop it.  I just have to want it.  or something.

Friday, January 30, 2009


I'm like a bear. When it's cold outside I go into hibernation. I need warm sun and plants poking through the ground and buds on trees for my brain to wake up and write.
I'm going to order my garden seeds in the next week sometime. I've looked though my catalog and there's all kids of cool veggies I can grow! I'm excited to have my own vegetable garden because my government is bringing on it's own demise and I'd like to have a good supply of food when that happens. I have about 500lbs of dried beans, but I'd like some side dishes with them when armageddon hits.

You said you were different Obama!! You said you would change things!! *sob*
*for the record, I never thought anything would actually change with him. Except that it doesn't hurt my brain when he talks. Hate to disappoint the Obamaphiles, but he's bought and paid for like the rest of them. It's still The Man!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Don't just do something, stand there.

Okay, today is the last day to vote in Obama's "ideas for changing America thing on his site.  Even though most Americans just want to sit around and get high all day, there are some who want to work.  I am begging everyone who cares about small business and American jobs to not only vote at ( but to write your congresspeople about CPSIA.  The bill's intent was to make Chinese toys safer, but now it's forcing thousands of businesses to go under because they can't afford expensive testing.

In a nut shell: Starting Feb 10, if you make anything product for children, you can't sell it without having it tested for lead and phalates.  If you like buying handmade, American made items for your children, you can forget it.  No one but large manufacturers can afford it.  The same cloth I buy for any other project can't be used to make kid's clothes.  The same yarn an adult's hat is knitted from can't be used to make an infant's.  Make sense?  Of course not!

Originally, this law also made selling anything used (yard sales, goodwill) illegal w/o testing!  A clarification on that was made last week (after tons of angry calls and emails I bet!)

PLEASE  WRITE YOUR REPRESENTATIVES!  For more info about CPSIA, you can check these out

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I got a life

I really did. I've been doing real world things other than blogging and facebook. It's crazy! I need to upload pictures from my camera, but we've been enjoying our awesome backyard sledding hill and built an igloo with all the snow. We went to Ely and it was as desolate as expected. But we had a good visit with the inlaws and were just barely out of the storm until the last 25 miles before home. So we're grateful for that. We really enjoyed our Christmas and seeing all the family we did even though my little brother completely schooled us in Ticket to Ride (Europe), which he'd never played before. We spent New Years Eve at my cousin's birthday party and then her dad joined us at my other cousin's house (across the street) playing Rock Band and Guitar Hero (mine and hubby's Christmas present) all night.

The boy and I have started doing yoga again. Baby girl started walking, really walking, about a week ago. And I'm being bit by the home improvement bug again. I'm finally picking paint colors (goodbye pasty pink!) And I really, really want a dishwasher. I'm fantasizing about dishwashers! I got a bunch from the library about installing electrical circuits. Can I get my tax refund now? Please!

Of course today I'm dreaming about ripping up this carpet since baby girls been puking all morning. I have really nice carpet so we kept it, but I'm starting to remember all the reasons we ripped it up at the condo. We have original hardwood underneath, but it's incomplete. And honestly, I think at this point I'd rather have a dishwasher and a bissel.

I guess that's all. I gotta go clean my carpet :(