Friday, November 21, 2008

What I learned at the pediatricians today...

I learned a lot of things, but pertaining to this post, I learned about "geographic tongue". My daughter has it. And after looking at google pictures, apparently I have it too and never knew it! Since the day she was born she's had a really weird looking tongue. I get asked a lot "what's wrong with her tongue?" No one has ever asked what's wrong with my tongue. I feel left out. The shape is fine, but the skin on it sheds in funny patterns. We kept waiting for her to grow out of it and she never did. Today he told us what it is. Here's the wiki article.

Baby girl's looks like this one below. Mine looks more like this where it's in the back. 500221-fx13120px-fissured_geographic_tongue

Since it's genetic I guess she got it from me. I'm a genetic freak in my family so I don't think I got it from anyone. And now that I know about it, I can join the support group for it as well.

Seriously. A support group for a harmless tongue condition that does nothing but give you a parlor trick and a way to get boys to not kiss you? I understand feeling insecure and all, but support groups are for people with, you know, cancer and stuff. Just don't blow raspberries or stick out yout tongue before kissing and you'll be fine.


  1. My brother's tongue looks like that! It's all cracked and whatnot. I didn't know it was a legitimate condition, I just thought he was a freak of nature. No one else in my family has his weird tongue.

  2. How random! That's pretty cool.

  3. Hey, we learned about that in speech pathology! Neat!