Towel recycling

I know, you probably expecting a 24 post, but I no longer have tv and, well, season 6 sucked. On to towels....

I have recently come into possession of 10 barely used towels that I don't need for bathing. Because I'm poor and crafty, I want to make cool things with them, but I'm having trouble coming up with ideas. I've thought of making some ghetto curtains to keep the warm air in. I could use some heavy curtains. Or pillows. Soft, fluffy, absorbent pillows. Or stitching them together to make this tipi for the boy. That'd be cool for Christmas.

What does one make with gently used towels?

Make a Bathrobe

10 ideas (but mostly for old towels. I already do that stuff)

Bath Mat

You guys got anything?