Toilet Paper is Heavy

I went grocery shopping today. I went to get in my line and the ailse next to it opened up. So I went over and started emptying my cart. I have to get those big oversized carts with the little car in the front because I have a 4 year old. They're hard to manuever. But I manage to sqeeze myself between the checkout and the cart and place my groceries on the conveyor belt. Suddenly a girl behind me says, "Uh...I really don't think you want to buy my toilet paper!" She looked really upset. I still had about 10 items left in my cart but she had placed her toilet paper on the belt and it had moved toward the cashier. I made some comment about how she was going to have to wait because I was still unloading my cart, but she left it on the belt. So the cashier had to stop the belt and wait for me to get overything on it before starting it up again.

But it's okay. I understand how that girl couldn't hold her little package of 4 toilet paper rolls. They're heavy. Even if it was the only thing she was buying. Glad to see the holiday spirit is out early this year.