Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A kid post

I don't write much about my kids on this blog for privacy reasons, but I'm going to today. The boy and I bonded today by having sore throats together. So we chilled most of the day, watched Kung Fu Panda, and drank hot wassail. Baby girl started clapping and thinks it's the coolest thing EVER!! She also held her arms out to me and said "mama" today. *heart* I'm actually more touched she held her arms out to me. She's only done that for dad before. This is the beginning of the my hostile takeover for my children's affections. mwahahaha!

Hubby and I are talking more and more about homeschooling and starting to do some serious research into it. It's a big commitment and we are mostly sure we want to do it, but not if we're ready to. I must admit it's a tempting idea to have a day/morning to myself. But since that's the only con I can think of for me, the scales are tipped heavily in the "pro" direction. I want to find more websites for local homeschoolers I can talk to and meet with, so if anyone knows of any in Provo, please let me know! No disparaging remarks needed, I'm already well aware of what some of you think of homeschooling ;-).


  1. One of my best friends from my home town homeschools her five kids. When I was home last, I visited them while they were "at school", and it was a lot of fun. Personally, if you want to do it, I say go for it!

  2. There's a lady here in my ward that homeschools and if you want I can give you her number.

  3. Disparage! Disparage!

    Oh wait, you said no disparaging. All right then. ("Aww...but I love disparaging!")

  4. :P I know you do. Blame it on my sinus infection. I'll let you disparage next time.

  5. I homeschooled Tryston for two years while we traveled and then moved to Mexico. While some school teachers will say that it stalls the amount a child learns others can tell you that often the child learns at a much quicker speed. My son was learning things in 5th grade that my sister was learning in the 8th grade. I think the most important thing is to just make sure that the child is involved in a lot of social activities/sports to continue to develop well on a social level.
    There's no harm in trying it out, right?