Holiday Travel


Some people enjoy traveling for the holidays. It's good to see family and friends and spend time together. I am not one of those people though. I'd rather just stay home and have things simple. We've never really done that though. I have a large family and there's always something going on. Big Thanksgiving dinners, game nights, Christmas traditions and my social butterfly eventually decides she'd rather see everyone. Because my family lives nearby we've spent the majority of holidays with them, but this year we're doing hubby's family and let's just say I'm less than enthralled. A 3 hour drive each way to Logan for Thanksgiving and we're not staying the night. It's their turn and we haven't seen them for such a long time. But UGH the travel!! And then come Christmastime it's of to exotic Ely, NV to be with hubby's dad. A 4 hour drive but we'll be staying there for a while. It wouldn't be so bad if there was anything to do there, but I don't even think they have a McDonald's. There's this constant fear in the back of my mind that they'll find out that I really, really hate guns and it'll ruin the whole trip. But I've managed to fool them for 7 years so far, maybe I can continue avoiding the subject. I suppose I shouldn't complain since we don't have to worry about airline travel or entire day long travel ordeals. But my womb refuses to bear children who like car rides and that makes time slow.

This year the holidays have become quite stressful for me. What about you? Any big plans you're excited for or dreading? I hope someone out there is just going to stay home and relax. Think of me while you're doing it.

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