Ow! That feels good!

My son gave me whiplash over the weekend (long story) so I've spent the last couple of days at my new chiropractor. I grew up going to chiropractors but my insurance doesn't cover the guy I grew up going to :( I really like this new guy though. He's young and looks like my husband so it's hard to not kiss him after cracking my neck for me. I feel so much better! The cool thing about him is he also does acupuncture. I've never done acupuncture before, but read a lot of women say it helped them with endometriosis. I'm only symptomless while breastfeeding so I wont have to test it out for another year or so. It's weird to describe, but I feel like it actually did something. It's like this tiny little needle was shooting something down my nerves, but it wasn't painful. He said it was helping my muscles return to their normal spots or something. The really cool part: my insurance covers acupuncture. Seriously! I never would have predicted that 10 years ago. Maybe in 10 more they'll cover my herbs and voodoo (energy work) visits.

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