Monday, June 23, 2008

I hate earwigs!!

I've never been very squeamish about bugs. I obviously hate anything poisonous or really large and until recent years never had any problems killing most bugs.

Except earwigs.

I hate them. hate hate hate hate! And they're harmless, I know! But they freak me out! And we have them really bad because our back door is like 50 years old. Guess who's going door shopping?

Yep. Me. And then I'm going caulk and weatherstripping shopping too. I wish I could say it was to keep the cool air in my home (which my awesome thermal windows do nicely-love that!), but no, it's to keep the bugs out. I'm gonna try laying a strip of duct tape sticky side up outside the door and seeing what happens. I read it works...we'll see.

Oh, and we have aphids on our plum tree. 1750 ladybugs is also kinda freaky looking.

The joys of homeownership :)


  1. I am SO with you on the earwigs thing!

  2. But... ARE earwigs really harmless? I mean, c'mon... what's with the creepy claw looking thing?

    (I hate them, too.)