Sunday, February 3, 2008

A little too close

So, my son and I are sick right now. He's been coughing at night for over 4 weeks now and was determined to have asthma. So I've been letting him cough all over me since his doctors guaranteed there was no sign of infection.  But things can change in a day.  Now we both have a nasty, all day, break your ribs type cough. Bad time to have a baby. But Friday I started having contractions from all the coughing and they got regular enough I had to go to labor and delivery. They seemed amused that I didn't want to have the baby early, (an anomaly, I know) but told me even though the contractions were regular, they luckily weren't strong enough to be doing much. I've kept myself in bed all day and luckily they finally went irregular again. Sorry Shannon. I had wanted her to come on the 3rd too, but not at the risk of her getting really sick. I'm not supposed to take any cold medicine because of my heart, but I started having palpitations from the coughing and figured it's the lesser of 2 evils. It doesn't seem to be doing much though. So I'm drowning myself in fluids, hoping it'll help me cough up whatever's in my lungs so I'm not so terrified of going into labor. Right now I'd be happy if she waited until March, if it means I'm well enough to put my face near hers.


  1. Oh, take care of yourself. That really, really bites.

  2. Oh, wow. I'm so sorry to hear about all this yuckiness! I echo Sherpa here. Take care of yourself, m'kay?

  3. I guess I can forgive you. Today was a sucky day anyways. I threw up though for the first time today, just for you.
    I'm sorry that you're feeling sick though, that's the last thing you need. Get better soon and then push out that little angel so we can all start ooohhing and ahhhing over her!

  4. My mantra during labor is, "at least this is better than morning sickness." I'm sorry you were pukey on your birthday :(
    I'm feeling better today, the cold is moving out my lungs and into my nose. A preferable location IMO.