Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's not Christmas without snow

I always feel like that.  I hate a green Christmas.  This year will definitely be white and we are really enjoying all the snow.  We've been making snow angels, snowmen, and sledding down our backyard hill.   I'm waiting for baby girl to fall asleep right now so I can head out and help build an igloo.

The only drawback is driving.  We're supposed to drive to Ely in the middle of a storm.  I'm hoping if we go through Wendover we'll be safer *crosses fingers*  Have I mentioned how much I hate holiday travel?  I have?  Well let me do it again.  I really just want to stay at my own home, maybe go to a few local parties, but really just have a laid back Christmas.  No packing, no driving.

Okay, my grinchy moment is done.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Toilet Paper is Heavy

I went grocery shopping today. I went to get in my line and the ailse next to it opened up. So I went over and started emptying my cart. I have to get those big oversized carts with the little car in the front because I have a 4 year old. They're hard to manuever. But I manage to sqeeze myself between the checkout and the cart and place my groceries on the conveyor belt. Suddenly a girl behind me says, "Uh...I really don't think you want to buy my toilet paper!" She looked really upset. I still had about 10 items left in my cart but she had placed her toilet paper on the belt and it had moved toward the cashier. I made some comment about how she was going to have to wait because I was still unloading my cart, but she left it on the belt. So the cashier had to stop the belt and wait for me to get overything on it before starting it up again.

But it's okay. I understand how that girl couldn't hold her little package of 4 toilet paper rolls. They're heavy. Even if it was the only thing she was buying. Glad to see the holiday spirit is out early this year.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Best use of money in heating

If you're in the market for some weatherization, you have a lot of options on where to spend your money. You can get new vinyl windows, insulation, or a new furnace. If you happen to able to afford all three this article is not for you, and, umm, share the wealth. But for those who want to save money and the planet, getting a better furnace is your best option.

In the 6 months we've been here, we've learned that new windows, top notch insulation in the attic and below floors will save you money. But not as much as having a 90%+ efficient furnace. We have an 80% 3 year old one that works well. But we can tell a big difference from the awesome 2 stage 90% we put in the condo last year. Our most expensive month was $50 and that was keeping it at 70 degrees because of the new baby. Keeping it at 67 here has run us more than that and it cycles off and on a lot. So if you think 80% will be fine and you'll put the rest of your money into windows or insulation, don't. Buy the 90%.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Towel recycling

I know, you probably expecting a 24 post, but I no longer have tv and, well, season 6 sucked. On to towels....

I have recently come into possession of 10 barely used towels that I don't need for bathing. Because I'm poor and crafty, I want to make cool things with them, but I'm having trouble coming up with ideas. I've thought of making some ghetto curtains to keep the warm air in. I could use some heavy curtains. Or pillows. Soft, fluffy, absorbent pillows. Or stitching them together to make this tipi for the boy. That'd be cool for Christmas.

What does one make with gently used towels?

Make a Bathrobe

10 ideas (but mostly for old towels. I already do that stuff)

Bath Mat

You guys got anything?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Keep on the sunny side

Maybe it's the sinus infection or the looming holidays, but I've been pretty grumpy lately. Most of it is just my usual self inflicted anguish, making little things seem bigger and letting other people's negativity get to me. I keep hearing griping and complaining and "poor me"ing and it starts to get to me and kills my own happiness and gratitude for my own blessings. So I want to be more grateful. I'm grateful for antibiotics. For my small, but suffcient for my needs home. For my family. For my testimony, because I'm seeing more and more how much of a gift it is. I'm thankful for 7-11 hot chocolate.

Is it too negative if I'm thankful Bush is leaving office soon?

Friday, November 21, 2008

What I learned at the pediatricians today...

I learned a lot of things, but pertaining to this post, I learned about "geographic tongue". My daughter has it. And after looking at google pictures, apparently I have it too and never knew it! Since the day she was born she's had a really weird looking tongue. I get asked a lot "what's wrong with her tongue?" No one has ever asked what's wrong with my tongue. I feel left out. The shape is fine, but the skin on it sheds in funny patterns. We kept waiting for her to grow out of it and she never did. Today he told us what it is. Here's the wiki article.

Baby girl's looks like this one below. Mine looks more like this where it's in the back. 500221-fx13120px-fissured_geographic_tongue

Since it's genetic I guess she got it from me. I'm a genetic freak in my family so I don't think I got it from anyone. And now that I know about it, I can join the support group for it as well.

Seriously. A support group for a harmless tongue condition that does nothing but give you a parlor trick and a way to get boys to not kiss you? I understand feeling insecure and all, but support groups are for people with, you know, cancer and stuff. Just don't blow raspberries or stick out yout tongue before kissing and you'll be fine.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


A few years back I went to a "play workshop" with a guy named Fred Donnaldson.  Fred plays with bears, wolves, gang members, and once upon a time he played with me (and like 30 other people, it was awesome!)  He's amazing, but my post isn't about him. But you can read more about him here.  It's about this article in my newspaper.  READ IT.  Our kids don't play enough anymore.  I mean real play.  Remember that?  When you and your friends just came up with the coolest stuff?  It wasn't win/lose it was about fun and discovery.  Now, kids are over scheduled and pressured constantly to compete and win and be better.  More and more studies show that they are suffering for this.
"The consequences are potentially dire, according to Thompson. He contends that diminished time to play freely with other children is producing a generation of socially inept young people and is a factor behind high rates of youth obesity, anxiety, attention-deficit disorder and depression."

We need to stop obsessing over our kids being the "best of the best of the best".  Let them worry about that when they get older.  Now is the time for them to learn to overcome their fears, to make mistakes, and learn that they have their own mind with their own feelings and opinions.  I think the key for us parents (or maybe just for myself) is overcoming our own fears of inadequacy as parents so we don't feel the need to compete our children against one another.  Perhaps if we all took a little more time to play and love we would spend less time in competition and fear.  Maybe this is part of what Christ meant when he asked us to "become as little children."

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A kid post

I don't write much about my kids on this blog for privacy reasons, but I'm going to today. The boy and I bonded today by having sore throats together. So we chilled most of the day, watched Kung Fu Panda, and drank hot wassail. Baby girl started clapping and thinks it's the coolest thing EVER!! She also held her arms out to me and said "mama" today. *heart* I'm actually more touched she held her arms out to me. She's only done that for dad before. This is the beginning of the my hostile takeover for my children's affections. mwahahaha!

Hubby and I are talking more and more about homeschooling and starting to do some serious research into it. It's a big commitment and we are mostly sure we want to do it, but not if we're ready to. I must admit it's a tempting idea to have a day/morning to myself. But since that's the only con I can think of for me, the scales are tipped heavily in the "pro" direction. I want to find more websites for local homeschoolers I can talk to and meet with, so if anyone knows of any in Provo, please let me know! No disparaging remarks needed, I'm already well aware of what some of you think of homeschooling ;-).

Friday, November 14, 2008

Holiday Travel


Some people enjoy traveling for the holidays. It's good to see family and friends and spend time together. I am not one of those people though. I'd rather just stay home and have things simple. We've never really done that though. I have a large family and there's always something going on. Big Thanksgiving dinners, game nights, Christmas traditions and my social butterfly eventually decides she'd rather see everyone. Because my family lives nearby we've spent the majority of holidays with them, but this year we're doing hubby's family and let's just say I'm less than enthralled. A 3 hour drive each way to Logan for Thanksgiving and we're not staying the night. It's their turn and we haven't seen them for such a long time. But UGH the travel!! And then come Christmastime it's of to exotic Ely, NV to be with hubby's dad. A 4 hour drive but we'll be staying there for a while. It wouldn't be so bad if there was anything to do there, but I don't even think they have a McDonald's. There's this constant fear in the back of my mind that they'll find out that I really, really hate guns and it'll ruin the whole trip. But I've managed to fool them for 7 years so far, maybe I can continue avoiding the subject. I suppose I shouldn't complain since we don't have to worry about airline travel or entire day long travel ordeals. But my womb refuses to bear children who like car rides and that makes time slow.

This year the holidays have become quite stressful for me. What about you? Any big plans you're excited for or dreading? I hope someone out there is just going to stay home and relax. Think of me while you're doing it.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Prepared or pyro?

So hubby has been getting really into emergency preparedness for the last 2 years or so, especially lately (no, it has nothing to do with politics!). So he's been filling water bottles, asking me about our food storage, and today he began experiementing with emergency fuel. img_2297the general idea is you take a big can, fill it with a toilet paper roll sans cardboard, fill it with isopropyl alcohol (not sure the amount), and light her up. He and the boy roasted a marshmallow over it. Awesome!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A good old fashioned plague

Sometimes when I'm out and about, and there's too many people around for my taste, I start thinking about diseases.  Horrible diseases that decimate populations in short amounts of time.  We haven't really had one of those for a while.  Not since the 1918 flu epidemic, really.  I think we're overdue for one.  I think mother nature tried to get a couple going with bird flu and west nile virus, but the WHO keeps foiling her attempts.  I'm concerned she's going to get very angry and send one we really can't control at all.  She has an ego that bruises easily.  I vote antibiotic resistant bacteria or a cold mutation will be the thing to kill off 1/3 of us.  My husband thinks it'll be a virus that creates zombies.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


I've been thinking a lot about being grateful for what I have and the good things that have happened in my life instead of the things I don't have and the bad things. I used to define myself more by my "dramas" than anything else until I realized how whiny and ungrateful I sounded. I know I still get stuck in that sometimes, but I really want to stop. I want to be thankful. I want to be positive.

Today I learned my friend and neighbor behind me gave birth to her twins this week. She was only 26 weeks along. Both of them are in NICU and struggling, as to be expected. My friend can't even hold them and I can't imagine the pain and fear she is feeling. Things like that always make me stop and take a look at myself and my own life.

I'm just thinking that every day with the ones we love is a gift. Every moment. Because it can all end so quickly. And rather than dwelling on the the bad when and if the good times do end, perhaps we should all be more focused on finding the good, enjoying them while we have them, and being grateful afterward.

Friday, September 19, 2008

seeds and plants

All right everyone, early September is the best time to overseed, so get on it! We did ours last weekend and eagerly await the first sprouts. It's very depressing to wait for seeds to sprout. You should overseed about every 5 years or if you can easily see dirt between grass blades.

Today I divided and moved iris plants. I had more than I anticipated and practically filled my flower bed. I still have 550 bulbs coming next week I'll have to find room for. I LOVE gardening. I LOVE IT!! I can't wait til spring when I'll post awesome pictures.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Geriatric Infiltration

This morning I woke up to one of the oddest emails I've ever received. My mother was inviting me to join facebook. My mom! Turns out I'm really behind on the times, because my GREAT AUNT Marie (she's like, 80) is also on facebook. Go Aunt Marie! So I gave in. If y'all jumped off a bridge, you know I'd be cannonballing it with you.  I'm on facebook now. So where the heck are you Adrienne? I can't find you!!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ow! That feels good!

My son gave me whiplash over the weekend (long story) so I've spent the last couple of days at my new chiropractor. I grew up going to chiropractors but my insurance doesn't cover the guy I grew up going to :( I really like this new guy though. He's young and looks like my husband so it's hard to not kiss him after cracking my neck for me. I feel so much better! The cool thing about him is he also does acupuncture. I've never done acupuncture before, but read a lot of women say it helped them with endometriosis. I'm only symptomless while breastfeeding so I wont have to test it out for another year or so. It's weird to describe, but I feel like it actually did something. It's like this tiny little needle was shooting something down my nerves, but it wasn't painful. He said it was helping my muscles return to their normal spots or something. The really cool part: my insurance covers acupuncture. Seriously! I never would have predicted that 10 years ago. Maybe in 10 more they'll cover my herbs and voodoo (energy work) visits.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Today I'm a soccer mom

My boy had his first practice today.

Does this mean I get a fully loaded minivan?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bulbs and weed killers

I just bought 550 bulbs for one flower bed! I think if I do one bed/year I'll be done in about 5 years. 5 years. Dang! Am I too ambitious? I'm not even done. These are just the spring bulbs. I haven't even started on perennials and summer bulbs.

I can't wait to show pictures next spring! I ordered: alliums Image of Allium Roseum , crocus , windflower , anemones , lots of irisImage of Dwarf Rockgarden Iris , sky blue lilies , and grape hyacinth . I also have some iris plants here that I don't think have ever been divided so once I divide those I should have the entire bed filled. Yay!

I have pictures of my lawn before we started bring it back to life, but I haven't done any afters yet. I kinda want to wait until next spring after I over seed in a few weeks. Last week was weed killer week. A little early, yes, but I wanted to make sure I left enough time to seed next month. I have a morning glory/bindweed problem and had heard roundup was the only way to get rid of it. The round up didn't work! It didn't even kill the lawn I wanted gone. So I tried Weed Free Zone by fertilome (love their products!!) and the morning glory was dead the next day. Awesome, awesome stuff!!!!!!! And it doesn't kill grass. My basic philosophy is if you can buy it at HomeDepot, it probably doesn't work very well. Trust me, I used to work in their garden department. Go to a local nursery or IFA.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sometimes I feel like my brain is Jello

I finally hung up my college diploma. It got me thinking about all the time and money I invested in that little piece of paper that supposedly says, "I'm smart". I once I had a very extensive vocabulary. I used words like hegemonic and impetus with ease. I was up to date on my world leaders and aspiring world leaders. I found myself trying to converse current events the other day with an old friend and instead found myself cooing and gurgling to my baby because I couldn't follow along.  I noticed this happens to a lot of my "educated" SAHM friends.  Maybe taking a horticulture class will help, but I'm suspicious I'll be like this for the next 5-10 years....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Not the helium!!

Did you know there's apparently a helium shortage? There is. I was as shocked you. I hadn't noticed the price of party balloons has gone up significantly in the past 2 years. It has. But apparently, the 2nd most abundant element in the universe isn't very abundant on earth. Really? Yes, really. I never thought about how they got it in the tanks, I figured it was a simple process since there's so much helium. But I didn't exactly ace my way through chemistry either (B+). Isn't helium around us in the air with all the other gases? Sort of. It floats up through the sky and gets burned up. I suppose it makes sense when you watch balloons, but again, it's not something I'd ever thought much about. I suppose we should all spend more time thinking about the noble gases. So why the shortage? Low production. It has to be extracted from natural gas refining. The US had a strategic reserve of helium but they're getting rid of it. Strategic reserve? There's a lot of strategic things you can do with party balloons.... So when do we panic? 5 years ago. In the meantime, let's enjoy the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade a little more this year.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Project Awesome Yard

I'm going to start recording my adventures in yard care/ gardening here. What the heck, maybe we'll all learn something. I've read about 6 different lawn care books and feel like I have a well rounded grasp of what is and isn't recommended.

So I'm going to start at step 1: soil analysis. Tomorrow I'm taking my soil into the county extension office to get it tested. It'll tell me what the pH is and what recommended nutrients I need to add (lime, sulphur, iron, etc.). I really can't do anything productive to my yard until I know more than just "I have heavy clay soil".

I'm practically giddy because I'm also planning on signing up to become a Master Gardener (permitting child care availability), I believe that's what my awesome gardening SIL is. I was planning on taking some landscaping classes from the college, but I'm going to give this a shot first. I'm really, really excited to do this!

I also bought beer for my lawn and will be applying it today. It helps decompose thatch which is a big problem in my lawn, apparently. If you have too much thatch, don't bother trying to water and fertilize, it keeps most of it from reaching the soil. We'll see if there's a noticeable difference. For those interested, I've just been using a hose attached sprayer to apply it. Oh, and before I did anything, I sprayed the lawn down with some liquid dish soap. It helps kill bugs and diseases, makes chemicals stick, and protects foliage.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Whiskey for my men, and beer for my...lawn?

We bought our house because the house was totally updated and didn't need any work. But I don't think the yard has been taken care of in over a decade. I'm determined to bring my mostly weeds lawn back to life. I read to use beer and ammonia to help perk it up. I tried an ammonia solution on the front yard and it now looks like something out of Ireland and has to be mowed twice a week. I'd call that a success. Now for the beer. What brand do I get? Is my lawn a Budweiser lawn? Coors? or maybe it has expensive taste, Samuel Adams? Do they make generic brand beers? I'm not looking forward to the smell, or to bumping into my bishop while purchasing alcohol, which Murphy's Law states must happen. But I'm eager to see the effects it will have.

I'm really getting into this whole yard care thing. I've ordered my seed and bulb catalogs, consulted with my sister-in-law (an AWESOME gardener who knows her stuff) and started digging out new flower beds. The good news for hubby is that it keeps me from knocking down walls inside the house. Now if I could just find a cheaper, easier way to make tiers from the slope in the backyard...I gotta admit though, I'm looking forward to playing with a bobcat :) (not the animal. This one)

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Green Cleaning on the Cheap

Two of my friends are moving over to the green side (welcome!). I think they're both in sticker shock. One of the first things people begin to notice is the price. Shopping organic is ridiculously expensive. But not everything has to be. Here's a couple of ideas:

Don't waste your money on organic cleaners. Use vinegar to clean, baking soda for abrasive, and bleach or rubbing alcohol to disinfect. Hot water is your best cleaning friend.

Use an aloe vera and rubbing alcohol mixture to make your own hand sanitizer.

You can make your own shampoos using diluted castile soap and herbs (I like tea tree oil)

You can even make your own reusable pads, girls. I haven't tried it yet, to my husband's relief.

Just start googling stuff. There's almost always a cheaper, green way to go.

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Good News and the Bad

The good news after another doctor visit is that DH does NOT have cold sores (herpes simplex 1), the bad news is he has a different herpes: herpes zoster, aka shingles. Lovely. I have to admit that I'm relieved on some level because I really wanted to avoid getting those sores! But this is a much more serious disease and his eye is swelling more everyday so I'm scared too. So he goes to an opthamalogist this afternoon. Meanwhile he can be around the boy who's had the chickenpox vaccine, but has to be really careful with the girl, who hasn't. Suckage, because she is really fun to kiss.

Meanwhile, we're thinking of getting him a "Phantom of the Opera" mask. What do you think?

Update: *unfortunately, I haven't been able to find any for the left side of the face.* bummer.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Herpes: the gift that keeps on giving

Someone in my family has cold sores and it isn't me or the kids. And you know what that means: herpes. Makes me wonder what he did to get it, because even though it isn't the STD version, we all know only sinners get herpes. Want proof? I got chicken pox (another herpes) right after I stole candy from the grocery store when I was 6. See!

So now I get no kisses and the very really possibility that I will contract the disease as well, because let's face it, I just can't stop saying "hell". SIN! Now I have no immune protection. I made it a point to never kiss anyone whose had cold sores just so I didn't get it. Now I'm screwed because I can't see using "herpes simplex I" as a justifiable reason for divorce. And we all know this is really about me and not the person actually suffering with the virus.

Monday, June 23, 2008

I hate earwigs!!

I've never been very squeamish about bugs. I obviously hate anything poisonous or really large and until recent years never had any problems killing most bugs.

Except earwigs.

I hate them. hate hate hate hate! And they're harmless, I know! But they freak me out! And we have them really bad because our back door is like 50 years old. Guess who's going door shopping?

Yep. Me. And then I'm going caulk and weatherstripping shopping too. I wish I could say it was to keep the cool air in my home (which my awesome thermal windows do nicely-love that!), but no, it's to keep the bugs out. I'm gonna try laying a strip of duct tape sticky side up outside the door and seeing what happens. I read it works...we'll see.

Oh, and we have aphids on our plum tree. 1750 ladybugs is also kinda freaky looking.

The joys of homeownership :)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Day Fun

We were busy this Memorial Day. After discovering a bit of mold, I decided the cracked tiles in the bathroom just weren't going to cut it. Fearing the worst, we began demolishing the tub enclosure.

Tile Demo (that's our neighbor helping)

Surprisingly, (thankfully) there wasn't much mold. Yay! It still needed to come down. Cracked tiles are never a positive. The worst place was in the middle where the soap dish was. It was really bad.


Nest we put up roofing felt and then the cement board.

Cement board

We chose to use Hardiebacker because it's much easier to work with. I tell you, I don't think my days of working at Home Depot have paid off more than they have with this project!!

We greenboarded the rest of it and bought our tiles tonight. Tomorrow afternoon I'll be putting fiberglass tape and thinset in the joints and then we'll start putting in the tile. More pictures to come!!

Friday, May 16, 2008

My New House

Yay! The empire is back! We were able to get a 3 bedroom house in a great neighborhood AND rent out our condo. Sweet! cute huh?

We're hoping to move in June 7. What's been so cool is that we had a good offer on the condo after only 8 days on the market (but then we got this house and took it off the market) and had it rented after only 1 day on craigslist. We feel so blessed that we've been able to do this! We'll be poorer than church mice for the next few years, unless DH gets promoted (which is actually looking really good!), but I'm really excited to have a yard I can plant a garden in and let my kids run around in.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Behold The Power of Craigslist

So our lender told us we need a signed rental contract or second job to approve our second mortgage (I know, we're crazy! 2 mortgages!) so I, thinking we wouldn't be able to rent out our place all summer because of all the students leaving, decided I better get it up on craigslist now so we can get it rented by August at least. It's been 4 hours and I have 5 responses. Ummm, I don't have contracts drawn up yet. Oops. Long day ahead of me tomorrow, I guess. This is our first step to becoming real estate overlords. Mwahahahahaha!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

We're good

I know, I know, I should post. There's just not much to post about. We're all doing well. Baby girl sleeps great at night but has a hard time during the day. She wont even sleep more than 10 minutes if I'm holding her! I think it's the 2 month thing. The boy started having sleep problems around this time. We're looking at getting a bigger home. Right now the plan is to keep this one as a rental and use our savings as a new down payment. It's exciting, but nerve wracking. I already gotta go take care of the chillins again. This is why I don't post! :)

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Baby's Poop Smells Better Than Yours

Part of me wonders why these scientists aren't busy curing diseases, but I actually find validity to THIS STUDY. At any rate, it's a fascinating look at human biology.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Peace, Love, and hippie farming

So, there's a group of us here in utah county looking into creating a co housing community. The best way to describe it (no, it's not a commune) is it's like a town home community with similar values, a community garden, and community activities (dances, meals, etc.). It's basically a way to get back to knowing your neighbors and interacting with them.

We're still not sure if we'll join, so far we've just gone to one meeting and joined internet discussions. Most of the people involved share a lot of out values as far as eco building, small space living, and community. Most the homes will be town home style and since we're involved early, we have more of a say in how they're built. We all want solar panels and other energy saving options. But if they end up building in Payson, we may forgo this option. Part of me really likes the idea of rural living, but we've gotten really used to a 5 minute commute. That's hard to give up.

Anyway, in case anyone else is interested in it, the group is called Utah Valley Commons and here's the website and yahoo group site. Check it out if this sounds like your thing.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Doing well

We're still here, just not online much. Our lives our filled with sleep, boobs, and diapers. And since the weather has been so kind, we're outside a lot too. Baby girl's doing great and getting nice and chubby. She has her 2 week appointment today so we'll see if she's hit 7 pounds yet (I doubt it). The boy's actually adjusting well after a couple of rough nights the first week. He loves holding his sister and always informs me how cute she is and likes being my helper with her. We have no idea where it started, but if we ask if he's hungry/sad/tired, he says, "No! I'm the Gingerbread Man!" Hubby's liking taking off work every other day so I can get sleep, which usually involves him taking the boy somewhere fun. Hard life. I spend most of the day topless. Overall 2 kids isn't as bad as I thought it would be. It's been pretty good! But give it time, I'm sure I'll have plenty grey hairs this year :)

Monday, February 18, 2008

How was your holiday weekend?

Mine was great! I was cured of pregnancy and had a baby. I have a habit of starting labor 4 days before my due date. This is my baby girl.


She was born Friday, Feb. 15 at 9:52 pm after 7 hours of labor and only 3 easy pushes. 6 lbs 2 oz, 18 in long. She's bigger than we all anticipated, so we're glad. They had to keep an eye on her the first day, but she's doing really well now. Mom only had minor heart complications, but her and baby are home and doing fine.


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Oh good.

Today is Valentines Day and I really didn't want to have the baby today (my least favorite of the holidays). It looks like I wont. So I'm happy. I think it'd suck to have a birthday on a holiday. My brother was born on July 4 and it seems like his birthday always gets overshadowed by everyone wanting to do July 4th stuff. I think that sucks. Of course, President's Day would be cool. Every so often she'd get her birthday off from school/work. But I'm still holding out hope for Feb 29. I thought she was going to come early because I keep getting illnesses that make me have contractions. But she's only measuring 35 weeks, and yes, I have small babies, but that's too small. She's just not ready yet and the further we get from RSV season, the better! Plus I'm really enjoying my last days with the boy as my only kid and I'm not quite ready to give that up yet, no matter how much my body hurts.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

*cough cough*

Poor little guy. I'm pretty much done with my cold. But the boy is having a hard time letting it go. Actually, he seems to be getting worse, except his fever is gone. Five weeks is a ridiculously long time to have a cough. Granted he has a cold on top of whatever it is that's really going on, but it seems obvious it's keeping him from healing properly.

The albuterol they gave him makes him cough worse and longer, so I wonder if he really does have asthma. Of course, it could just be helping his lungs work harder to get the gunk out. I just wish I knew. Maybe he needs an oral med or something. So we go back to the doctor yet again this afternoon to re-evaluate this asthma diagnosis and talk about chest xrays and fun things like that. Lovely. Did I mention I'm 38 weeks pregnant? I really am the only person I know who wants to go past her due date. Feb 29 looks really good right now.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

A little too close

So, my son and I are sick right now. He's been coughing at night for over 4 weeks now and was determined to have asthma. So I've been letting him cough all over me since his doctors guaranteed there was no sign of infection.  But things can change in a day.  Now we both have a nasty, all day, break your ribs type cough. Bad time to have a baby. But Friday I started having contractions from all the coughing and they got regular enough I had to go to labor and delivery. They seemed amused that I didn't want to have the baby early, (an anomaly, I know) but told me even though the contractions were regular, they luckily weren't strong enough to be doing much. I've kept myself in bed all day and luckily they finally went irregular again. Sorry Shannon. I had wanted her to come on the 3rd too, but not at the risk of her getting really sick. I'm not supposed to take any cold medicine because of my heart, but I started having palpitations from the coughing and figured it's the lesser of 2 evils. It doesn't seem to be doing much though. So I'm drowning myself in fluids, hoping it'll help me cough up whatever's in my lungs so I'm not so terrified of going into labor. Right now I'd be happy if she waited until March, if it means I'm well enough to put my face near hers.