Thursday, December 27, 2007

A link.

I've had some calls and emails about my health, so I'm just gonna post a link you can read if you want. This one is probably the easiest to understand. Like it says, it's not a medical emergency, but it can become more serious so we're being cautious. Bed rest really seems to be helping. I see my midwife tomorrow and my cardiologist next week, so we'll see what they say. Being at my moms 2 days was difficult (even though they don't stress me out), but now that I'm home I'm feeling much better. I didn't go to an in-law get together last night and I'm sure I offended a bunch of them in the process, but I know the visit would have landed me in the ER so I don't really care. We never have much to talk about anyway. But I haven't had any bad chest pains the last 2 days and that has been encouraging. I just wish I could have a few days off from this to get my home back to it's pre-Christmas state and finish the projects we had planned before baby arrives. I think God's telling us to stay here a little longer and I'm hoping it's because of a certain planned community we're learning about. More about that later.

EDIT: Here's the reader's digest version of the link so no one else thinks I have cancer :)

A pericardial effusion is a fluid collection that develops between the pericardium, the lining of the heart, and the heart itself. Most of the organs of the body are covered by thin membranes. The membrane that surrounds the heart is called the pericardium. Normally, only a few milliliters of fluid sit between the pericardium and the muscle of the heart. Any larger, abnormal collection of fluid in that space is called a pericardial effusion. A pericardial effusion can interfere with the normal contraction and expansion of the heart muscle, which decreases the heart's ability to pump blood effectively. A smaller or more slowly developing pericardial effusion causes chest discomfort. Although chronic or smaller effusions are not emergencies, they do cause discomfort and can become more serious.


  1. Hey, take care of yourself. Thanks for sharing the information, and glad to hear you had a nice Christmas.

  2. SOOO when do you go see the Cardiologist? I have an appointment too. Did I tell you the OB wants to see me twice a week now! WHAT THE!

  3. Thursday. I'm not worried about my Holter results since they haven't called. Just gotta keep taking it easy and I'm sure I'll be fine. And twice a week!! Is that because of your bp? I don't think you're gonna make it to February, which is great as long as Uno's healthy!

  4. Thursday for me too! 11:45am.

    Ya they are freaking out thinking I'll get Pre-e. I think I won't but I guess better safe than sorry?