Sunday, September 30, 2007

It's not scary

We borrowed the Nightmare Before Christmas from the library in anticipation of it's re release in theaters. We wanted to take the boy but wasn't sure if he'd think it was too scary. A home trial was in order. He absolutely loves it and has been asking to watch the monsters. Yesterday we were out looking at Halloween stuff and came across some spooky decorations, I asked L if he wanted to "go down the scary aisle?" He replied, "That's not scary. They're just monsters." Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, I'm obviously a proud mother right now. I loved seeing the snow yesterday! Granted, I'm in no hurry to rush in winter, since fall is my favorite season. But I really do love a good storm! I even got to go out with Emily and chat and eat rice pudding. It was the perfect pick me up I needed to pull me out of my funk.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

It's a......GIRL!

Oh yeah, in case you didn't know, I'm pregnant. I'm due feb 19 and actually hope she comes late. It's leap year afterall, and The Pirates of Penzance is my all time favorite musical. Too bad I can't name her Frederick....

If you want to skip to the leap year part, it's about in the middle. Here are the words though:

For some ridiculous reasonto which, however, I’ve no desire to be disloyal,
Some person in authority, I don’t know who, very likely the Astronomer Royal,
Has decided that, although for such a beastly month as February, twenty-eight days as a rule are plenty,
One year in every four his days shall be reckoned as nine and twenty.
Through some singular coincidence – I shouldn’t be surprised if it were owing to the
agency of an ill-natured fairy –
You are the victim of this clumsy arrangement, having been born in leap-year,
on the twenty-ninth of February;
And so, by a simple arithmetical process, you’ll easily discover,
That though you’ve lived twenty-one years, yet, if we go by birthdays,
you’re only five and a little bit over!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

On Sex and Sleep

I'm reading a book right now that brings up a humorous analogy of sex and sleep. How sleep is the new s-word and how most people's bedroom needs have changed into a lack of sufficient sleep instead of sex. Wanting to indulge in sleep is considered the ultimate selfish act versus indulging in too much sex, which these days is perfectly acceptable. The author brings up these phrases as examples whose meanings have changed (I found it funny):

I never get enough

It can really clear up your skin

A quickie can really perk you up

When's the last time you got enough?

It makes life worth living

It changes everything

It makes you see things in a completely different lgiht

It's embarassing to want too much

You get caught up on the weekends

You feel like everyone else is getting more than you are

It changes your attitude

It puts a sparkle in your eye and a bounce in your step

It is referred to obliquely as "going to bed"

Her conclusion: be selfish and go get some rest!