I love my drugs

Normally I'm very holistic, try the natural approach kind of gal. But lately, the natural approach hasn't worked for me and it's starting to endanger my health apparently. So now I get drugs. Wonderful, blessed drugs. Sure, there's side effects, like sleeping 24 hours/day and horribly dry eyes, but if it means I don't have to vomit blood, I'm okay with that. It's like when I was in labor and vomiting bile and convulsing and everyone was like, "dude, just get the epidural" and I was like, "no, I want to do this natural!" and eventually I got the epidural because, well natural just plain sucked, and then it went from horrendous experience to awesomest experience of my life. You know, natural is still good and has it's place, but sometimes you just suck it up and take the drugs so you stop hating life.