Thursday, July 26, 2007

Fun stuff

I've felt so whiny lately, I need to blog about some cool things that have happened recently....

First, my older brother taught the boy to pull a "sword" (stick, vacuum attachment) from the couch and say "I have the power!" Awesome! Seriously, 2 is my favorite age. He's also getting really good at holding his breath under water. This kid is a fish!

2 nights ago we went to my uncle's for "Fire & Ice". A night of fireworks and icecream with a lot of families from the neighborhood. It was awesome. They had well over 100 fireworks which were lit in groups of 5 with a blowtorch. You know you're at a good party when a blow torch is involved, right? The ice cream was great and the mosquito bites were minimal. We definitely plan to make this an annual event.

Also, one of my best friends is pregnant and it's awesome for them!

The best news was the weather for the past 2 days. Rainy, cloudy, and gorgeous! I despise sunny days. If I wasn't so terrified of the ring of fire, Seattle would be my home. Stupid geology. Even though I know it has to come to an end, I've been so grateful to be below 100 the past few days.


  1. I'm glad I could be such an important influence on your sons life! "By the power of Grayskull!"

  2. Fire and Ice sounds awesome...

  3. YAY FOR THE INFLUENCE OF THE 80s on the babies of the new millennium! HA! WE won't let our cartoons die!

  4. Dennis and I used to play He-Man. I can't remember which one of us used to be Battle Cat. I think it was me.

    We had a little Battle Cat figurine. I wonder where that went. (probably hanging out with all the Voltron cat things. sigh.)

  5. I love that he has the power!! My cousin would take baby powder, stick it in the air and say "I have the Powder!" SO CUTE!

  6. Oh gravy I just left that comment logged in with the wrong account. :-(