Monday, May 14, 2007


I don't really feel like blogging anymore.  I keep trying to think of things to write and nothing feels ... important, I guess, enough.  So many things that were once important to me seem rather trivial now.  Death makes you stop, think, and reevaluate things.  At least for me it does.


  1. I understand.

    Call me when you want to go to the pool this week, or go swimsuit shopping.


  2. We dropped in on Shauna's Aunt Melanie on our way back from Zion and had a discussion somewhat like that. She's reached that age where she's going to stop doing things she doesn't want to do and stop caring about things she doesn't want to care about even if that's what expected that she do. She seems pretty happy with it too.

  3. I understand that.

    Well, SORT of. Because Blogging helps ME get through hard things, even if nobody reads it. But I know what you mean.

  4. Understandable! Blog or no blog, your great and I'm glad I know you.

  5. I would be sad if you didn't blog. Unless, of course, you sent me daily updates in an e-mail.

  6. Hey girl. I didn't get a chance to leave you a message when your father passed away. From what I've seen in my own family, friends and myself..part of the grieving process is re-evaluating your own life. Totally natural.

    Love ya,