On veganism


I was in hell the other day (don't be so surprised) and someone threw a snowball at my butt. Yes. The unthinkable has happened: my parents are becoming vegans. Apparently my dad feels better avoiding the animal products and mom is (mostly) supporting him. Poor dad. As if the cancer wasn't bad enough. My favorite carnivore has given up the meat.

What's so funny to me is that my parents badgered me more than anyone else when I was a vegetarian, consistently telling my husband he could come over anytime for steak because his wife was depriving him. This, Alanis Morisette, is truly ironic.

I have had awful pain for over a week. The herbs help me sleep and work for acute pain, but I can't OD on them. SoI called the doctor to schedule the surgery, but they were out of the office for 2 hours. I took that as a sign. Gotta keep trying other things. The one time I didn't have pain this week was after eating dinner at my parents on Sunday night. I felt great Monday until I cooked up a pizza for dinner.

Oh. The. Pain.

So maybe there's something to changing my diet. One book I read suggested foregoing chocolate and wheat, but I'm poor. I can give up meat, I've done the vegetarian bit before. But not cheese. I love my cheese. But I hate the pain. More than I love cheese.

And so internets, the cheese loses and I'm going to wean my way into veganism. Hubby even wants to join me. awwww. *sigh* Eat some cheese for me Dennis. Eat lovely foreign cheese.

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