Thursday, April 5, 2007

On veganism


I was in hell the other day (don't be so surprised) and someone threw a snowball at my butt. Yes. The unthinkable has happened: my parents are becoming vegans. Apparently my dad feels better avoiding the animal products and mom is (mostly) supporting him. Poor dad. As if the cancer wasn't bad enough. My favorite carnivore has given up the meat.

What's so funny to me is that my parents badgered me more than anyone else when I was a vegetarian, consistently telling my husband he could come over anytime for steak because his wife was depriving him. This, Alanis Morisette, is truly ironic.

I have had awful pain for over a week. The herbs help me sleep and work for acute pain, but I can't OD on them. SoI called the doctor to schedule the surgery, but they were out of the office for 2 hours. I took that as a sign. Gotta keep trying other things. The one time I didn't have pain this week was after eating dinner at my parents on Sunday night. I felt great Monday until I cooked up a pizza for dinner.

Oh. The. Pain.

So maybe there's something to changing my diet. One book I read suggested foregoing chocolate and wheat, but I'm poor. I can give up meat, I've done the vegetarian bit before. But not cheese. I love my cheese. But I hate the pain. More than I love cheese.

And so internets, the cheese loses and I'm going to wean my way into veganism. Hubby even wants to join me. awwww. *sigh* Eat some cheese for me Dennis. Eat lovely foreign cheese.


  1. I've wanted to be a raw foodie for a long time. Like everything else I do, it's gotta come in baby steps. I feel the difference especially in my skin when I eat fresh and wholesome things. Good for you though! Anything that works is worth it, and good on Dana for joining you :) Keep up taking your herbs too, I stopped for a few days and boy am I regretting it.
    Love ya.

  2. I've slacked. That's another part of the problem. So I need the reminder :)
    Funny how sometimes you think something isn't helping until you stop taking it.

  3. "my parents are becoming vegans"

    I TOTALLY thought you said my PANTS are becoming vegans. Y'know, with the whole snowball in the butt bit. Yeah. Parents. That makes more sense.

    Two books I've heard about lately you may want to check out--

    "Intuitive Eating" by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch
    and "Eating Right 4 Your Type" by Peter J. D'Adamo and Catherine Whitney

    Worth looking into, anyway. I haven't had the chance to find and read either, or even poke around the internet, but it can't hurt if you have some time to kill and are on the internet. HA! Like that ever happens.

  4. Vegan Pants. That should be your new blog title. I'm totally serious.

    I'm sorry you're in so much pain. If I could take it away, you know I would.

  5. You're right. I'm gonna change it.

  6. I've got "Eat Right for Your Type" if you want to borrow it. Jesse and I found it fascinating and think there is something to it, but we just don't have the discipline to stay on it long-term. I love cheese, too.

    What *is* your blood type?

  7. I'm impressed. Then again with the pain you are going through I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing... but oh the cheese. I am a cheese fan as well.

    Keep us updated Mrs Vegan Pants

  8. Wow. If only I could come up with a blog title as good as that for my own.

  9. I'm an O, btw. This website
    shows the foods for each blood type. Each one cuts out essential nutrients and, therefore, calories. Bottom line, I believe low carb diets are REALLY not healthy. And I just think the theory is kinda weird. Since O's are the most common, a lot of the people who follow it will lose weight because it's basically Atkins. I'm sure most gain it back and their kidneys hurt.
    But maybe I should read the book.

  10. I love you, you cute little vegan pants, you.

  11. Very late here... I was just catching up on your blog. Argh, I'm so bummed to hear that you're still not feeling well. You're always in my prayers, I promise you.

    Love the new blog name! Scott and I are VERY much attracted to eating more vegan. My brother in law and I have been exchanging recipes as of late (he's an amazing cook; he's been vegan for a long, long time). Let me know if you need some good new recipes! I have a feeling that after awhile, you won't even miss the cheese. Plus, we always buy the non-dairy cheese from Wild Oats... oh man, that's good stuff!

    I'm wondering also, have you by chance seen any convincing information regarding vegan diets and pregnancy? I've been finding just conflicting information really. I figure you'd know... you know a lot!

  12. eh, not really, but thanks :).
    I'm not a dietician so this is just my opinion. But as long as you're a responsible vegan, it's no problem. Vegetarians have nothing to worry about since B-12 is in dairy. My problem was craving Carl's Jr at the end of my first trimester and it all went down hill from there. You'd have to eat fortified foods to get the B-12 and just be more aware of it
    My advice, be vegan or vegetarian (healthily) for 6 months first before doing it while pregnant.
    If you're concern is additives and hormones (like me) just buy hormones/antibiotic free meats and milk.

  13. You can do it. Giving up cheese is easy peesy. I thought I would miss it but there are so many soy products available now that you can subsitute. I do miss eggs though. I don't do chocolate either so brownies are what I miss the most. I don't know if it helped the pain much unfortunately, but I have beautiful skin now so there's another plus.

  14. Oh boy. I just read one of your other posts about soy. I had never made the estrogen/soy/endometriosis connection. Interestingly enough, one of my biggest flare ups was after adding a soy protein drink to my diet. Just when I think I have the nutrition thing figured out, I learn more.