Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day!


It's not just for hippies anymore. Earth Day is a day to look around you and see all the beauty around you. Try to appreciate all the delicate balances required to sustain life on Earth. Environmentalism is a religious thing for me. It's my way of being grateful to our Creator for thinking of every little detail and caring about us enough to create a beautiful world for us to live on. So even if you don't want to change anything yet, at least try to find some gratitude for something you love and don't want destroyed on Earth. Need ideas? Check this out. And hopefully we can all be inspired to do a little (or a lot) more to keep things in balance.

And I really like Google's global warming logo today.


  1. I really love google's logo today!!

    Once I marched in an earth day parade when I was a kid. That was fun.

    I have always wanted Utah to do recycling a bit more like where we lived in Cali. I grew up getting used to separating everything and having the different bins.

  2. When I was younger, I planted a tree every year on Earth Day.

  3. I miss styrofoam McDonalds containers.