Monday, March 5, 2007

my turn

I'm sick now. I actually feel fine, but I've had this awful sore throat. I haven't had one all year :(. Oh well, I guess it was inevitable.

Since I prefer using holistic treatments, I've been enjoying hot herbal tea and apple cider (not together), lots of vitamin C, Ricola cough drops with echinacea, and gargling with hot water (not too hot!) and cayenne pepper. The cayenne pepper is probably the most effective treatment I've found yet. I tried to grow a plant so I could use it for medicinal purposes, but the seeds never sprouted. Sad. :( But today is better than yesterday. That's good. Anyone else ready for 60 degree weather yet?

In other news, I've finished replacing all the flooring in my home (except underneath the furnace and water heater)! Yay! We got the last bedroom done Saturday and I feel very accomplished. :) No more carpet! I finally have a carpet free home! If you think carpet is clean, try ripping some up. I had to wear a mask from all the dirt and that was still in it. Yuck!


  1. Have you heard about vitamin E? Supposedly there's never been much proof that vitamin C does much good in holding off illness, but vitamin E is being investigated for doing that very thing. And it's helped clear up Josh's complexion. Who knew?

  2. Carpet is gross, but man there's a lot of cleaning to do in a house with no carpets. I can't believe the amount of dust that gathers under a couch in just one day.

  3. Probably not holistic...but gargle with hydrogen peroxide. Just don't drink the stuff. Strep throat and I are tight, and that's one thing I have found that really helps.

  4. What floors do you have now? I want all wood. I have a lot of tile and a lot of carpet at present. I like the tile for cleaning... but the carpet in the winter because I swear the tile must be made from icebergs,