Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I'm ambitious.

The weather has been so nice and it inspired me to get my garden ready. I've been allowed to extend my garden into some of the mud in my small front yard. There used to be grass, but we have crappy soil for grass. Now it's a few blades of grass amongst mud. So I began mulching and adding compost and manure. The plan:

Lupinelupine2.jpg, Chives, Allysumimage.jpg, Snapdragons, Lily of the Valleylilyvalley.jpg, Bleeding Heartbleedht11.jpg, and Violas. I also have a hydrangea bush to put in a pot. We'll see how it does.

The bulbs I planted last fall are starting to pop up and my ground cover looks awesome. Last year my zuchinni, onions, lettuce, and tomatoes did well, my peppers, strawberries, and cucmbers sucked, and the beans didn't even flower. We'll see if I learned anything and an improve things this year.

OH! My (indoor) beans this year have not only flowered, but now there are little beanlets coming off the stems. I'm such a proud mommy. Way to go beans! Still waiting on the peas. The carrots seem to be doing well and the tomatoes are not happy it's not 90 degrees in my house. Sorry tomatoes.

Just because I don't have a large yard (and am growing things out of season) doesn't mean I can't have fresh veggies. The lesson here, if there's something you don't like about your home, see if there's another way to make it work!


  1. I took horticulture in high school and had all these plants flowering and healthy, I thought I was awesome. Now, I can't keep anything alive. Not that I'm trying to make anything grow at the moment. Good work on your veggies and stuff!

  2. Jeremy and I started to plan our little patio garden. I can't wait to actually go get the stuff (pity about one car, he's never home :) ) Guatemala had the most amazing cala lilly's and hydrangea's EVERYWHERE.

  3. You're planting Violas.

    Ferris Bueller, you're my hero.

  4. YAY!!! Just don't actually PLANT yet.

    The Roommate, square foot organic gardener extraordinare, is getting the dirt all ready and put in stepping stones yesterday, but still has starts under full-spectrum lights in the spare room. Anyway, she says we can't plant yet or they will die.