Wednesday, February 21, 2007

One of those days...

BAH! I must get off the internet! I have been so productive lately (our cable tv got turned off, now all I get is Fox), so my house looks great and my projects are getting done. But today I've spent most of it right here. In front of a screen. In a funk. I did get some work done, so that helps me rationalize a little. But most of my time has been spent looking at native plants for landscaping, land to landscape, trailers, yurts, and how to paint your sofa.

I found 40 acres in New Mexico. I'm ready to buy one of thesehome1.jpg

and just go. I feel restless. I've been looking at land and funky houses and jobs in Alaska. I need shakabuku. Maybe just painting my sofa will help....


  1. Painting... your sofa? Like with PUFF PAINTS?!

  2. Mix 2 parts water based primer with 1 part textile medium (found at craft store near polyurethane). Paint (use a brush) and let dry. Then mix 2 parts water based paint with 1 part textile medium and go crazy. Or go neutral. Whatever your taste.
    The textile medium keeps it soft and movable. If your paint is too thick you can water it down as well to help get it into the fabric.

  3. I need a shakabuku, too. It's been a *really* long time. But you shouldn't have that problem, being married and all...

  4. I empathize. I've never been comfortable in one place for too long. If I could I would constantly travel. I need a good long road trip from time to time.
    I want to see pictures of this couch painting.